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Wrist Pain Treatment in NYC | Contact Us Today
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    Wrist Pain Treatment in NYC



Wrist Pain Treatment in NYC

If you are experiencing any type of wrist pain you will want to get it checked out as quickly as possible. This type of pain can lead to loss of strength or even feeling in your wrist, hand and fingers if it is ignored. Identifying the cause of your wrist pain and then coming up with an effective treatment plan is extremely important and will help ensure you don’t suffer from any irreversible effects.
Whenever we work with patients suffering from wrist pain we take steps to identify the root cause of the pain itself. From there, we try to come up with the least invasive and most natural options possible for treating the condition. Rather than jumping right to surgical solutions, which is what many doctors do, we’d prefer exhausting all the other options first. If you agree with this approach, please get in touch with us to set up an appointment. We serve people throughout Midtown NYC, Midtown Manhattan and throughout the NYC area.

Causes of Wrist Pain

There are many different things that can cause wrist pain and identifying exactly what is causing yours can be difficult. Fortunately, our doctors and other medical professionals are dedicated to working with you and going the extra mile to figure out what exactly the problem is. Many people, for example, suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, which can cause severe wrist pain. For others, something like arthritis may be the cause.

In today’s ‘computerized’ world, a growing number of people experience wrist pain due to over use of the tendons due to constantly typing on the computer or other devices. We’ll work hard to find the cause of your wrist pain and help come up with an effective treatment strategy.

Treatment Options

We can provide you with a number of different treatment options based on what we found was the root cause. In some cases we will combine multiple treatments to help get you the results you’re looking for. For example, acupuncture has been shown to be extremely effective at relieving pain associated with many wrist problems. It can also help with inflammation, which may be the source of your issues.

Physical therapy is another common treatment option that is used when treating wrist pain. Sometimes physical therapy can be the solution to the problem and other times it is just one part of the overall treatment plan. We can also recommend braces, wraps and other options that will help to limit the movement so that your body can heal. Whatever the issue is, our medical team will help identify it and find the right treatments for you.

Contact Us

The first step in finding out what the cause of your wrist pain is, and how to fix it, is to come in and have a consultation with our medical team. You can reach us to schedule an appointment by dialing 212-349-3444. We are located conveniently to serve people in and around Midtown NYC and Midtown Manhattan so contact us and set up your appointment today.