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    What to Know about the Schroth Method for Scoliosis Treatment – Our Guide



What to Know about the Schroth Method for Scoliosis Treatment – Our Guide

Out of the various ways to treat scoliosis, one of them is called the Schroth Method. If you’ve never heard of this before, it is a method in which exercises are utilized to help return a curved spine to its original position. For more severe cases of scoliosis, this treatment can also be paired with other therapies, such as bracing.

That said, here’s what you need to know about the Schroth Method: 

The Schroth Method explained

If you’re wondering what type of scoliosis patient will be eligible for the Schroth Method, know that nearly anyone can benefit from it. That’s because the method can be correctly tweaked depending on what the individual is facing. While the technique itself is quite useful, it takes quite a commitment by the patient because the patient will have to carry on the exercises at home, despite having sessions with the therapist. 

The Schroth Method is a non-surgical method to treat scoliosis and was developed almost a hundred years ago in Germany. The technique aims at correcting the spine in three dimensions, which are the transverse, sagittal, and frontal planes. At the same time, the patient also learns exercises that will help train the muscles around the spine to be stronger and stable enough to maintain a naturally positioned spine to help improve overall health.

The Length of the Treatment

How long a patient will require the Schroth Method will depend on the type of condition they are dealing with. People experiencing a smaller case of scoliosis can expect to be done within three weeks. Those with more severe cases, however, will have to participate in the treatment for up to two months or even more.

While the treatment itself won’t last forever, the patient will have to continue exercises at home as instructed by the therapist. This is to ensure that any progress made from the therapy isn’t lost after every session. 

Benefits of the Treatment

The main advantage for anyone undergoing the Schroth Method is to reduce pain and improve the functionality of the individual’s body. Know that there are many other benefits to be offered by the treatment.

For some, that includes better breathing ability because the chest can expand much more once the spine has straightened up to a more natural position. Speaking of natural position, improved body posture is also a benefit of the treatment. While an improved spine will undoubtedly help with standing straight, the fact that the patient is reminded to keep a good posture also helps maintain a straight back in the long run.

While there are many ways to address scoliosis, such as surgery, many people would rather opt for non-invasive and less expensive methods, such as the Schroth Method. This is because many people see this method as a way to naturally heal the body turns and is a more effective long-term solution for healthier and more comfortable living. 

If you’re opting for the Schroth Method to help with your spine’s position or any other type of physical therapy, be prepared to commit fully. It takes much effort to keep a healthy body, and stopping any time will only hinder your progress.

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