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    What are the Benefits of Apos Therapy? – What to Know



What are the Benefits of Apos Therapy? – What to Know

Many people suffer from back or knee pain at some point in their lives. A recent study by Annals of Rheumatic Diseases says that one in ten people around the globe struggle with lower back pain, making it the world’s leading cause of disability. For that reason, more and more innovative treatments are emerging to address this global issue. 

This is where AposTherapy® comes into play. It is a non-surgical, drug-free treatment for knee pain, back pain, and other musculoskeletal disorders. It uses unique, tailor-made footwear that requires patients to wear it for at least an hour a day to help reduce pain in their daily lives. 

Due to its non-invasive approach, many people gravitate towards this highly convenient option, with over 50,000 patients claiming positive results worldwide. 

What is AposTherapy®?

AposTherapy® uses a personally adjusted biomechanical device that aims to bring your body into optimal alignment, which releases pressure from your body’s joints. This helps reduce pain and introduces micro-instability to reform your muscles, allowing you to improve your motor learning and correct your walking style. 

This easy and convenient treatment re-educates the brain and muscles to stimulate and restrain your muscles, leading to better joint stability and boosted function. Patients that suit AposTherapy® are the following:

  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Chronic knee pain
  • Torn meniscus
  • Knee ligament damage
  • Patello-femoral pain (anterior knee pain)
  • Rehabilitation following knee surgery
  • Lower back pain

What are the Benefits of AposTherapy®?

Benefit #1: Reduced Pain

An estimate of 86% of AposTherapy® patients notices a significant decrease in pain from their joints in as little as a month. The unique biomechanical device helps re-align the body for optimal comfort and function, providing patients with long-lasting pain relief. 

Benefit #2: Improved Function

AposTherapy® aims to improve the range of musculoskeletal conditions that cause joint pain, which limits the daily function of patients. With that in mind, the biochemical device helps release pressure from joints by introducing controlled micro-instability to help reform your muscles. 

Helping your muscles train for better motor learning can improve your body’s alignment for long-lasting joint function. 

Benefit #3: Personalized Therapy

AposTherapy® tailors every treatment plan according to the individual needs of the patient. Appointments involve specially-trained physiotherapists to help conduct multiple examinations to determine the right therapy program that your body best responds to, along with continuous evaluation and follow-up consultations to ensure an optimal treatment outcome. 

AposTherapy® is an innovative solution for patients suffering from various forms of chronic pain conditions as the device can easily blend into your everyday life. This means that the treatment program will be convenient and non-invasive for patients, highlighting a positive and pain-free rehabilitation process that can help adjust your body in the long run.

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