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    The Benefits of Combining Massage Therapy With Chiropractic Care – What to Know



The Benefits of Combining Massage Therapy With Chiropractic Care – What to Know

More often than not, physicians endorse physical therapy, massage, or chiropractic care as a treatment for sore or stiff muscles. Although each of these suggested treatments can be quite effective on its own, a combination of these treatments can be even more effective. By using physical therapy, chiropractic care, and massage together, you can get the full benefits offered by all of them, which can speed up recovery and promote healing.

Combining Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care

Physical therapy and chiropractic care can be used together to provide more effective and long-term results. In fact, it is common for chiropractors to suggest exercises at home to patients so that their back and neck muscles can be strengthened. Chiropractors believe that stronger muscles resulting from physical therapy can keep chiropractic adjustments in place. Therefore, if you have been treated by physical therapy to recover from an injury, then your chiropractor may suggest that you keep doing it on top of your chiropractic adjustments. As the muscles treated by physical therapy are linked with the bones adjusted by the chiropractor, your body can recover faster and with more effective results.

By relying solely on physical therapy, you are only concentrating on the muscles, not the actual bones. This causes poor alignment, which makes it more difficult for the muscles connected to these bones to work properly and recover from injury. That is because misaligned joint or vertebra can cause pressure and strain on the muscle. In such cases, strengthening the muscles is not enough to eliminate the underlying issue, and you may end up working them so hard that the pain gets even worse. This means that you will get far better results by treating both muscles and bones at the same time.

Incorporating Massage Therapy into a Treatment Plan

Chiropractors have been using massage therapy in conjunction with adjustments for quite a while now. As stiff muscles make it more difficult to perform chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors can all benefit from loose and more relaxed muscles as a result of massage therapy. In some clinics, licensed massage therapists are available for this very purpose. Moreover, relaxed muscles are able to hold the adjustment better than strained or tight muscles. They are also less likely to shift the joint out of position once it has been adjusted.

It has been widely established that massage therapy is an effective way to break up scar tissue – even ones that are difficult to loosen up. As scar tissue can cause muscles to contract and pull on the joints, your muscles can become strained and your joints misaligned. With massage therapy, your muscles can become less tense, which in turn can ease pressure on nearby joints. In sum, apart from providing you the much-needed relaxation, massage therapy can be a highly effective way to treat muscle pain and recover from an accident or injuries.


Whether you are suffering from back pain or strained neck muscle, make sure that you are not limiting yourself to only one method of treatment. A skilled chiropractor can assess your condition and come up with the best treatment option for you, whether it is physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, or a combination of some or all of these. Regardless of the treatment plan, remember that the chiropractor’s main objective is to help your body regain its optimal functionality and performance through drug-free and non-invasive treatments. Therefore, if you have been in an accident or suffering from muscle pain, be sure to seek advice from an experienced chiropractor to begin your journey to recovery.

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