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What to Expect from a Redcord Suspension Training Session

Redcord Suspension training is one of the fastest growing fitness trends amongst physical therapists, personal trainers, and home based fitness enthusiasts. Because you are able to leverage your own body weight and use it as resistance, you have access to hundreds of different exercises that will help you to maximize your training and rehabilitation routine.

If you are a fan of Pilates or TRX suspension training, then you will adore Redcord. It will take all the precise movements that you have learned during previous suspension training sessions and bring them to another level of intensity. The basis of Redcord allows you to work more than one muscle group at a time, which means that you will develop the strong, lean body you have always wanted, only faster.

What is Redcord Suspension Training

The newest trend in suspension training, Redcord, was developed by a Norwegian gymnast and carpenter named Kare Mosberg who was looking for a way to help alleviate his back pain nyc. The inspiration for Redcord came from Mr. Mosberg’s love of sailing, so the apparatuses used are similar to the cords and ropes used on the average sailboat.

Just like TRX, Redcord suspension equipment uses your body weight for resistance, stabilization, and balance while using straps suspended from an anchor. Redcord allows you to activate more muscle groups, and it is similar to using a stability ball to complete a pushup, since your muscles are immediately engaged. This means you can do fewer reps to achieve concentrated results.

Exceeding your Expectations with Redcord Suspension Training

When you use Redcord, you will be stimulating your neuromuscular system to create excellent core power, while working on movement control, as well as building muscle constancy. All of these actions are imperative to athletes and everyday people who want to quickly recover from injuries, recapture a quality of life that includes being pain-free during physical activities, and sustain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Redcord also uses bungee cords, so you can bring your training routine to the next level. This system allows you to feel weightless, while the bungee cords and slings assist you through each movement


Can Suspension Training Help Back Pain?

At some time in your life, you have dealt with back pain nyc. You may be experiencing back pain nyc right now, and if that’s the case, you and others are willing to try anything that will help alleviate the pain that effects their vertebrae, discs, or sciatic nerve.

So what can you do to help strengthen your back, relieve back pain nyc and prevent injuries? Staying active and exercising is best, but if you’re limited due to preexisting injuries, it can be challenging finding a routine that works for you.

Using Suspension Training to Relieve Back Pain

Suspension training is a method of exercise that uses gravity and your body weight to complete hundreds of strength building exercises. You can be in complete control of your workout, because you can adjust your body’s position to increase or lessen resistance.

Who can use it?

When looking for a fitness program, there is no one size fits all answer. What is good for a one person may not work for another. While this is true for most fitness methods, suspension training is one routine that can be customized for anyone.

Where to start

It is always best to connect with your medical team before beginning any exercise routine in order to discuss your restrictions. Once a plan is established, you can begin working on stabilization exercises to reinforce your core, your lumbar musculature, and other fundamental muscles.

Why it works

Designed by Randy Hetrick, a retired Navy Seal, suspension training allows you to work out anywhere, even in confined spaces. The system, comprised of straps that can anchored to just about anything, is intended to be totally portable and can be used virtually anyplace.

Some other benefits are:

  • Over 300 available exercises can be completed using the system, plus you can modify them to meet your needs.
  • You can increase your strength and flexibility.
  • A wide-ranging workout that will work your total body can be done in a half-hour.
  • You will reinforce your core, which is essential to keeping your back strong and stable.

4 Reasons to Give Suspension Training a Try

You have more than likely heard of suspension training, and with all the buzz about this total body exercise that was designed by a Navy Seal you may be wondering if you can benefit from it. The simple answer is, yes.

Suspension Training works by using your own body weight to keep your muscles engaged, while using bands that can be anchored to a door or an overhead beam. The beauty of this form of exercise is that you can simply change the angle of your body to begin the engagement of the targeted muscle groups.

Because of the simple, yet stimulating nature of the exercises you can use while doing suspension training, anyone can reach their desired fitness goals.

Suspension Training Benefits: 4 Reasons to Give it a Try

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or improve your overall fitness level, suspension training can help you reach and exceed your goals.  The subsequent list contains reasons why suspension training is worth a try.

1. Appropriate for all fitness levels

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Navy Seal, like the developer of the program, or if you’re just beginning your road to a healthier you. Suspension training is valuable to competitors of all abilities.

2. It is low impact

Athletes and others who have dealt with injuries to their joints understand the importance of low impact exercise, and suspension training is one of the most effective methods of the kind. Because you are suspended, your joints are not put under stress, which means that your risk of injury is reduced greatly. With suspension training, you can go as hard as you like without the dangers of hurting or re-injuring your body.

3. Improved core and cardio strength

Your core muscles stabilize your body, and the stronger your postural muscles are, the easier it is for you to perform other physical actions. But suspension training does not just improve the strength of your muscles, it also increases your cardiovascular stamina. Just change up the pace of your workout to keep your heart and lungs strong.

4. Reduced workout boredom

Going to the gym can turn into a monotonous task, and this can cause your motivation to drop significantly. Suspension training is unlike other movements, since you can combine it with some of your favorite activities, creating an entertaining new workout that will keep you engaged and looking forward to your next session.


Surprising Ailments that Suspension Training Can Help

The positive reputation that suspension training has gained recently has caused medical professionals to take notice, and new studies have been conducted that show that suspension training can benefit not only those who are looking to improve their physiques, but that this specialized form of exercise can also help those suffering from other conditions.

Treatment of Unexpected Disorders with Suspension Training

Resistance training is the basis for most physical therapies that are used to treat those who are recovering from sports injuries, but suspension training can also be used to the advantage of those with illnesses not normally treated with physical rehabilitation.


By using redcord suspension therapy, you can alleviate the symptoms and side effects of the following three diseases. Always check with your primary doctor before starting any exercise regimen to ensure that you are healthy enough for physical activity.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

PCOS is a hormonal endocrine disorder that causes a myriad of symptoms in women, including weight gain and fatigue. Women who suffer from this disorder, regardless of fitness level, should be looking to start a resistance training program, since PCOS puts those afflicted at a higher risk for insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, as well as high cholesterol and blood pressure.


The benefits of suspension training in those who suffer from PCOS include increasing your muscles’ ability to manage glucose, improved loss of belly fat, and reducing risk of other comorbidities.


The American Cancer society in conjunction with the American College of Sports Medicine has designed a special practice for cancer patients who have been cleared by their physicians for physical activity, and this protocol includes suspension training.


Suspension training can be modified for each patient to fit their diagnosis, treatment, and status of recovery, providing them with the many benefits that the healing body can achieve from exercise, including:

  • Enriched mood and quality of life
  • Weight loss and control
  • Improved health of the heart, muscles, and bones
  • Diminished fatigue

How Suspension Training Can Alleviate Arthritis Pain

If you suffer from arthritis pain, then you know that even the thought of exercise when you are having a flare-up can be painful; yet one of the most common antidotes your doctor will prescribe is exercise. Finding an exercise routine that strengthens and stabilizes your muscles and joints can help to alleviate the pain and stiffness associated with chronic arthritis pain, and can start you on your journey to improved fitness.

Within the last few years, the benefits associated with suspension training has caused it to become one of the most talked about exercise routines in the field of rheumatology and sports medicine. It is the low-impact and versatile nature of suspension training that has made it the go-to exercise for those rehabilitating injuries of all kinds, as well as for those who want to do preventative maintenance on their bodies. You will want to have some one competent to train you initially like a personal trainer Bournemouth & Poole to make sure you don’t form any bad habits.

Arthritis and Suspension Training: Why it Works

The beauty of suspension training is that it uses your own body weight and gravity as opposed to dumbbell sets to help you achieve a full range of motion, which allows you to incorporate every muscle when using different body positions. If you are still unsure whether or not suspension training is right for you, below are reasons why it works for arthritis pain sufferers.

1.Suspension Training works for ALL fitness levels

It doesn’t matter if you are a conditioned athlete or a beginner; there are exercises that will fit your needs and help you build flexibility and core strength.

2.The entire range of motion of your body can be worked

The suspension training apparatus moves in every direction. You have no limit to your range of motion because the device does not stay fixed to a single plane.

3. It can be combined with routines you are comfortable with

You can implement moves from yoga, Pilates, weight training, and cardio into your workout. The subtle variations add resistance, flexibility, and strength training to your routine and you can incorporate moves that you could not perform before.

4.    Incredible variety of exercises
The assortment of workouts that can be done with suspension training is remarkable. This allows you to find the movements that work best for your body, fitness level, and training goals. At last count, over 300 different movements and exercises could be done to improve your strength, litheness, and more.

You do not need to undergo a life of chronic pain. If your life is negatively impacted by arthritis pain and joint fatigue, contact us today to learn how we can help improve your quality of life.