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Back Pain Archives - Page 290 of 290 - Chiropractor NYC | Launchfit™
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    New York, NY

    Back Pain


Facts On Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief Overview

Back pain is a common problem that affects men and women in nearly equal proportions. The incidence of the condition appears to increase with advancing age. In general, the problem may be described as being acute or chronic. The latter term is used if it has lasted for less than two weeks and the former used if the duration is more than two weeks. There are a number of things on back pain relief you need to know if struggling with the problem.


Treatment is dependent on the underlying problem. Most cases of acute pain are due to muscle strain such as that which occurs after involvement in strenuous physical activity. They tend to resolve spontaneously with time or with over the counter analgesic agents. In a few cases, they may fail to resolve to the medication and progress to become chronic.

Osteoarthritis and Back Pain

Among the commonest causes of chronic back ache is a degenerative condition known as osteoarthritis. The condition affects large joints including the ankle joint, the knee joint, the hip joint and intervertebral joints. The problem is often seen from the sixth decade of life. The discomfort has been observed to be aggravated by movements taking place at the affected joints.


While there is no definitive treatment of osteoarthritis (except replacement of affected joints in severe cases), analgesic agents are often used to provide relief. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, NSAIDs are, in particular, quite helpful. Examples include diclofenac, naproxen and aspirin among others. Opioids and opioid-like drugs such as tramadol may be prescribed if the symptoms are severe. Exercise is often prescribed alongside the drugs.

Infectious Causes of Back Pain

Infections may cause both acute and chronic pain. Bacterial infections can be easily managed using antibiotics. The antibiotics may, however, not be effective against tuberculosis. A specific set of drugs is available for this. Tuberculosis causes marked deformity and subsequent spine instability due to its destructive effect on bony structures. Corrective surgery such as spinal fusion may be needed in this case to restore normalcy.


Tumors may be involved in one of two ways; as primary bone tumors affecting the spine or as secondary tumors (metastasis). Multiple myeloma is the commonest bone tumor that affects bones primarily. Others include osteogenic sarcoma, giant cell tumors and so on. Secondary tumors that metastasize to the spine and cause pain may originate from the thyroid, breasts, kidneys or the prostate gland. As is the case with other types of cancers, treatment is through chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery depending on the stage.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain Relief

Several other options other than medical treatment and surgery are available. Physical therapy is among the most commonly used alternatives. There are two main types of exercises that can be used: passive and active. Passive exercises are conducted by the therapist while active exercises are done by the patient. To increase the chances of success, the two are often offered concurrently.

Acupressure and Acupuncture for Back Pain

Acupressure and acupuncture are other options that one may consider. Acupuncture is said to work by restoring the normal flow of life energy (also known as qi). This is made possible through the use of fine needles that are inserted into the body in predetermined regions. Acupressure is done similarly but the palm of the hand is used to apply pressure instead of needles.



What Makes Medical Massage Different from Other Types of Massage?

Whether you have sore muscles, are recovering from an injury, or suffer from a medical condition, massage may be a treatment for you. Massage therapy falls into two basic categories which include medical massage and wellness massage. Medical and wellness massages differ in their goals, techniques, certifications, and conditions they treat.

Wellness Massages Relax the Body and Reduce Stress

Wellness massage involves a client/practitioner relationship. Therefore the techniques used and areas addressed are determined by the client. Massage therapists are only required to complete a 500 hour massage certification course to begin practicing. The primary goal of wellness massage is to alleviate stress in the patient and relax their body. This type of massage often requires consistent maintenance appointments to maintain results.

Massage techniques used in wellness massage

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Circulatory
  • Craniosacral

Wellness massages are primarily used to:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Release Tension in the Muscles

Medical Massage Treats Conditions and Heals the Body

Medical massage is a therapy provided to a patient by a certified massage practitioner in the health field. Therapists are required to not only complete the 500 hour massage certification course, but also to gain clinical experience through an internship before they are able to begin treating patients. They also are required to be well versed in the areas of pharmacology, orthopedic assessment, and treatment. The goal of this type of massage is to solve specific medical problems or injuries. Once the therapy is completed, the patient can expect to see improvement.

Massage techniques used include:

  • Myofascial
  • Cross Fiber Friction
  • Trigger Point Technique
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Deep Tissue Massage

These types of techniques are used to treat many medical conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TMJ
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Back, Joint, or Muscle Pain

If you suffer from any of the painful conditions above and are interested in a medical massage assessment, contact Launchfit™ by Clinicube®for Chiropractic and Physical Therapy today for an appointment.



How A Chiropractor Helps Herniated Disc: New York, NY March 2, 2016

Spinal Injury and Herniated Disc

Spinal injuries can be a source of intense pain. Herniated discs are by no means an exception to this rule. They can make it difficult for people to perform most everyday activities and consequences of herniated discs can increase as time goes own. This is why you should consider chiropractic management whenever dealing with mechanical problems such as these.

A herniated disc can also be referred to as being slipped. It means that the spine is not properly aligned, or moving properly, and that there is damage to the protective cushioning between the vertebral bones. These bones create mechanical stress each time the area is moved, which leads to degenerative changes and often times, excruciating pain. It also leads to faster degeneration of the spine.

Treating Symptoms of Herniated Disc

People tend to have two basic issues that they want to resolve when it comes to this type of injury. First, they want to regain lost mobility and comfort so that they can enjoy active lives again. They also want to reduce the long-term effects that disc herniation will have on their spines. People can take pain medications to mute their pain, but pain pills are not designed to provide lasting benefits or protect the spine.

There are several forms of therapy that chiropractors can use to reduce the inflammation and pain of a slipped disc while gradually restoring spinal alignment. This is a process that builds over time, but people will see consistent improvements as they move forward. They can receive complimentary massage services, manual adjustments and even ultrasound and decompression traction therapies.

Lifestyle Changes Associated With Herniated Disc

It may be necessary for people to make dietary and lifestyle changes in order to achieve lasting results. For some individuals, losing excess weight can limit the amount or pressure and stress being placed on the injured area. For others, eating for proper nutritional support could be necessary for expediting the healing process.

A good Chiropractor will provide a customized and integrated plan that is designed to meet your unique needs. These services can help you regain a sense of normalcy by restoring balance to your life. They can additionally limit the lasting effects of major injuries by promoting optimal functionality and well-being in the spine.

Chiropractic care alleviates spine, hip, knee, shin and toe pain naturally, safely and effectively.


Journal of the American Medical Association Suggests Chiropractic

Try Chiropractic and Other Conservative Methods First

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that patients try chiropractic and other more conservative types of treatment for their back pain. In many cases, pain can be alleviated without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery, so it makes sense to exhaust conservative options first,” said ACA President Keith Overland, DC.

Chiropractic is Cost Effective and Clinically Effective

“Research confirms that the services provided by chiropractic physicians are not only clinically effective but also cost-effective, so taking a more conservative approach at the onset of low back pain can also potentially save both patients and the health care system money down the line,” he added.

The article, part of JAMA’s Patient Page public education series, explains that the back is made up of bones, nerves, muscles and other soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons that support posture and give the body flexibility. Back pain can be caused by problems with any of the structures in the back.

Chiropractic Well Suited To Manage Back Pain

As neuromusculoskeletal experts, chiropractic physicians are particularly well suited to manage and help prevent low back pain.

Those looking for a dedicated and professional Chiropractor for expert consultation and treatment backed up by friendly and personable service have consistently turned to Launchfit™ by Clinicube®for Chiropractic & Decompression NYC. Dr. Noam Sadovnik and Dr. Lauren Fries are committed to your improve the lives of many in the tri-state area. Call (646) 770-0916 to schedule an appointment today!