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4 Important Questions to Ask About Facial Acupuncture – What to Know

Acupuncture is a staple process of alternative medicine that is present for thousands of years. Its rationale revolves around the belief that needles on certain spots of the body can help correct the flow of energy. The health benefits provided by this traditional Chinese practice remain true to this day, and it branched out into other disciplines. One of those techniques is facial acupuncture wherein needles penetrate specific points in the face to provide holistic recovery. 

Why undergo facial Acupuncture?


Seasoned facial acupuncture practitioners improve your body’s health by making your skin look better. Upgrading the complexion of your skin has profound effects because it aids in other body functions. Likewise, applying the needle at the right spot provides relief to other organs as well. You can take the treatment a step further by taking herbal remedies too.

What are effects of Acupuncture on the face? 

First, facial acupuncture facilitates body detoxification to prevent wrinkles and unwanted redness on your skin. Likewise, the needles improve blood flow, which enhances the glow of your face by flushing away impurities. Improved blood circulation also reduces dark spots and relaxes facial muscles to smoothen out fine lines. 

Finally, the needles develop microtraumas that stimulate collagen production to give a more radiant look to your skin. It also makes the skin more elastic to prevent droopy skin, which is a common sign for aging.

Who must undergo facial acupuncture, and who must not?

Since this treatment helps the entire body, those who will undergo facial acupuncture must undergo eight to ten procedures to get its full effect. That number will depend on how the person responds to the process, and monthly treatments follow to maintain your skin’s glowing and youthful look. 

Meanwhile, this process is not for pregnant women or individuals who suffer from high blood pressure or chronic headaches. You cannot undergo facial acupuncture days after having abrasive facial procedures. Let a few weeks pass before you undergo this treatment to give your skin ample time to heal. 

Where are needles often placed?

While you can feel the needles puncturing your skin, you won’t be able to see them. The first facial acupuncture point is named Yin Tang, and it is the area between the eyebrows. This spot provides relief to the muscles between the eyes, and placing a needle here can induce the patient to sleep. 

The second point is called GB 14, and it is half an inch above the eyebrow’s middle. Applying pressure on this spot helps you deal with wrinkles and lifts your eye to prevent eyebags. Next is the Stomach 4 point, which is to the corner of your mouth under the pupil. A needle here relaxes the smile lines around your mouth.

Meanwhile, Stomach 2 is two inches under the pupil and brightens the eye by reducing puffiness. There’s also the Si 18 at the eye’s outer corner under the cheekbone to smoothen your cheeks. Finally, Li 20 is around a quarter-inch to the side of your nostrils, and a needle here can help unclog your sinus.

Get more than just acupuncture

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