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Tackling vertigo - Launchfit™ Manhattan | Chiropractor NYC
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    Tackling vertigo



Tackling vertigo

Anyone who is suffering with vertigo will know how it can impede daily life. Vertigo is often caused as a result of an inner ear problem, but there are various causes including: infection, a build-up of fluid and even tiny calcium particles within the ear. There are five very small sensory organs in each inner ear and this enables the brain to have an understanding of the placement of the body. Consider these sensory organs the body’s spirit level, so that each time the individual moves his head, fluid moves throughout the inner ear canals bending tiny hairs which have a crystal on the top of each.

The sensory organs are able to detect the movement of these hairs and as a result, will send signals to the brain. If any information is transmitted which is inconsistent with either the data sent by other sensory organs or, information gleaned through the eyes as receptors, then dizziness associated with vertigo occurs.

Symptoms of vertigo:

– Dizziness
– Feeling unbalanced
– Swaying
– Nausea
– Sweating
– Jerking eye movements
– Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

Although less common, vertigo can occur as a result of trauma affecting the head or neck, or can be caused through the individual suffering from migraines, through a brain tumor or even as a result of some medications being taken. As such, medical advice should be sought. Sometimes debris within the semi-circular canals can become free as a result of any head trauma and this movement of debris can impact the free flowing movement of fluid.

Symptoms can dissipate quickly or last for hours. For some sufferers, the symptoms come and go but either way, it is an extremely distressing disorder while it lasts and is likely to have a debilitating impact on the sufferer’s life. Although the symptoms of vertigo may improve or dissipate without treatment due to the brain being able to adapt to any inner ear changes, sometimes treatment will be required and certainly this condition should not just be ignored.


There are medicines which can be prescribed and which help ease any feelings of nausea or dizziness. It’s important to note that medicine is typically only given for a very short period of time, usually for a maximum of 14 days. Therefore, other methods should be considered to help healing. Although visiting a Chiropractor may not be the most obvious course of treatment, it has been proven to help. There is a simple test known as the Hallpike Dix test which may make the individual feel exceptionally dizzy. If it does so, this is good news as it means that the condition is treatable. Only an experienced and qualified health practitioner or Chiropractor should perform the test.

If visiting a Chiropractor, note that they are likely to manipulate any joints which may not be moving freely. Where there are faulty motion patterns, a distortion may be present regarding the position of the body and the movement of the joints. The Chiropractor may also suggest exercises such as the Brandt Daroff technique and for the individual to study and practice the slow movements of Tai Chi as this may also be beneficial. Other self-help suggestions may include relaxation techniques, meditation and simple breathing techniques.

Chiropractic treatments or physical therapy may be used so to strengthen the vestibular system. This is relative to the signals regarding gravity being sent to the brain. It’s always worth seeking professional advice if vertigo occurs, because it is a disorientating condition which can usually be helped.