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    Can Suspension Training Help Back Pain?



Can Suspension Training Help Back Pain?

At some time in your life, you have dealt with back pain. You may be experiencing back pain right now, and if that’s the case, you and others are willing to try anything that will help alleviate the pain that effects their vertebrae, discs, or sciatic nerve.

So what can you do to help strengthen your back, relieve back pain and prevent injuries? Staying active and exercising is best, but if you’re limited due to preexisting injuries, it can be challenging finding a routine that works for you.

Using Suspension Training to Relieve Back Pain

Suspension training is a method of exercise that uses gravity and your body weight to complete hundreds of strength building exercises. You can be in complete control of your workout, because you can adjust your body’s position to increase or lessen resistance.

Who can use it?

When looking for a fitness program, there is no one size fits all answer. What is good for a one person may not work for another. While this is true for most fitness methods, suspension training is one routine that can be customized for anyone.

Where to start

It is always best to connect with your medical team before beginning any exercise routine in order to discuss your restrictions. Once a plan is established, you can begin working on stabilization exercises to reinforce your core, your lumbar musculature, and other fundamental muscles.

Why it works

Designed by Randy Hetrick, a retired Navy Seal, suspension training allows you to work out anywhere, even in confined spaces. The system, comprised of straps that can anchored to just about anything, is intended to be totally portable and can be used virtually anyplace.

Some other benefits are:

  • Over 300 available exercises can be completed using the system, plus you can modify them to meet your needs.
  • You can increase your strength and flexibility.
  • A wide-ranging workout that will work your total body can be done in a half-hour.
  • You will reinforce your core, which is essential to keeping your back strong and stable.