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    Sports Chiropractor in NYC

    October 22, 2015

October 22, 2015

Sports Chiropractor in NYC

Sports Chiropractor

A sports chiropractor can provide you with a variety of benefits whether you are a professional athlete, someone who plays for a school team or just a weekend athlete. Sports chiropractors specialize in identifying problems related to injuries, overuse or other common issues caused by sports. Once diagnosed, they can use a variety of techniques and types of equipment to help provide pain relief and facilitate healing in a natural and effective way.

We have a sports Chiropractor on staff here at our offices so you can come in and get a treatment anytime it is necessary. We commonly serve people who live or work in or around Midtown Manhattan, Midtown NYC or anywhere throughout the NYC area. Get in touch with us if you have recently experienced an injury or even if you just have some questions for our Chiropractor.

More than Back Injuries

When people hear the word Chiropractor they often think about getting a back treatment first. While our Chiropractor can certainly provide adjustments and other work on the back, this is really just the beginning. A sports Chiropractor can also help treat things like rolled or sprained ankles, shoulder injuries, knee problems and much more. By helping to keep the body in alignment a Chiropractor can eliminate pain from many common sports injuries and get you back on the field or court much more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Holistic Treatment

One of the many things that our patients love about working with our sports Chiropractor is that they are receiving a more natural treatment plan than they would get anywhere else. When you injure your ankle, for example, most doctors today will simply prescribe a pain killer and recommend resting the injury. Our Chiropractor, however, can help ensure your ankle is positioned the way it is supposed to be in order to minimize swelling and allow the ankle to heal more quickly and with less pain.

This, of course, is also a much healthier option since you won’t typically need to take any drugs in order to get rid of the pain. This can help get you back on your feet and playing your favorite sports more quickly than would otherwise be possible. In addition to meeting with our sports Chiropractor, you may also want to see our acupuncturist, who can help to provide additional natural pain relief options should they be necessary.

Book With Our Sports Chiropractor in NYC

If you have had a sports injury and want to see our sports Chiropractor, please get in touch with us as quickly as possible. The sooner you meet with the Chiropractor after the injury takes place, the better the results you will see. We can be reached by calling, 212-349-3444. When you call you can speak with one of our medical team members. They can answer your questions or set you up with an appointment to come in and see what can be done for you.