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    Scoliosis Kyphosis

Scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine. It is relatively easy to diagnose, yet the cause for this condition vasuspension training | The Cenetr NYC Chiropracticries and is frequently unknown.  Causes can include neuromuscular conditions, differing leg lengths or an extreme growth spurt.

Obtaining treatment for scoliosis is essential, since a lack of treatment can affect your spine, chest, heart and lungs.  At Launchfit™ by Clinicube®, after your initial consultation, we tailor a multi-faceted treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

Your treatment plan may include Active Therapeutic Movements (ATM2®), which has been proven to be an effective treatment method for those with scoliosis. With ATM2® you’ll immediately experience an increase in pain-free movements as early as the first session.