May 11, 2016

Sciatica and Leg Pain Relief NYC

Sciatica Relief NYCSciatica Treatment NYC

The Sciatic nerves orginates in the Lumbar spine and is made up for a combination of lumbar and sacral nerve roots.  It is the largest nerve in the body and travels down the back of the buttocks and leg and it’s distributions terminate in the foot.  Injury to this nerve can have debiliating effects as well as cause sever bouts of pain that can result in pain anywhere along the course of the nerve or the muscles it innervates.  Because the nerve is so large and innervates so much function along it’s course patients often complain of pain in seemingly unrelated areas of the body.

Herniated Disc Relief NYC

Herniated Disc Relief NYCPatients will often presume they have hip or leg pain or even something wrong with their knee.  While many underlying causes of sciatica exist and should be ruled out the most often culprit is a mechanical problem with the lumbosacral spine.  This can range from problems with the disc or the joints.  Lumbar herniated disc is the most common musculoskeletal cause of this conditoin. Disc tissue is made up of fibrocartilage and acts as fulcrum of movement as well as a shock absorber.  Because it attaches to the ends of the vertebrae both above and below it also functions as a ligament of sorts.  When this tissue becomes weakend or damaged it will often buldge or herniate causing pressure on the corresponding nerve roots.

Local NYC Chiropractor

Chiropractor NYC Sports Medicine ClinicThis increased pressure is known as a space occupying lesion.  Reducing the the inflammation and the size of the buldge will often lead to relief.  There are many non-surgical techniques to accomplisth this.  One such technique for treating sciatica and leg pain is often employed by a local nyc Chiropractor and it is known as spinal decompression therapy.  This type of modified traction helps to distract the painful areas of the spine leading to a reduction in nerve pressure and reduced pain and inflammation over time.