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    How Redcord Suspension Training Differs from TRX



How Redcord Suspension Training Differs from TRX

Suspension systems are used worldwide to help decrease pain, increase muscle strength and endurance, reduce injury, and enhance performance in sports and daily activities. Suspension training uses your body’s weight as resistance to help build core strength, stability and control.

Two of the primary suspension systems available are the Redcord and TRX systems. Both use body weight to strengthen your muscles, but they differ greatly in design.

Redcord is a Flexible System

Unlike the TRX system, the Redcord sling system can help no matter what your age or muscle strength. Redcord uses bungee cords to assist with each movement, providing a targeted workout without painful interference.

Redcord also uses multiple points of suspension set 60 centimeters apart. These multiple points produce ideal gravity and more flexibility of position. This helps you to exercise in your most natural position, which limits the pain and targets the correct muscles. This also gives you the ability to adjust intensity, preventing injury and getting the most out of your workout.

TRX Limits Mobility

In the TRX system you can only work at a set angle, which limits your mobility and exercise positions. The Y shape keeps your body consistently at an angle, so parallel positions are more difficult.

While both Redcord and TRX suspension training help to strengthen your muscles and build endurance, Redcord suspension allows you to accomplish these goals in a more natural position that will help provide a safe and pain free work out. The Redcord system also helps therapists and trainers by allowing them to add additional support and to reduce the weight put on the muscle to prevent further injury.

If you are looking for a less painful, holistic way to alleviate pain from an injury, Redcord suspension training may be right for you. To start your Redcord suspension training contact Launchfit™ by Clinicube®for Chiropractic & Physical Therapy for an appointment today.