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    Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM2) NYC

Hip Pain NYC | Active Therapeutic Movements (ATM2) NYCActive Therapeutic Movement Therapy (ATM2®) NYC has a new technique to treat back & neck,shoulder, pelvis,hip & knee pains. You can experience a reduction in pain and increase in range of motion after the very first session of Active Therapeutic Movement Therapy (ATM2) NYC . By impacting the central nervous system, ATM2® teaches the joint a “new” pain-free way to move. This clinical tool is an upright table with three belts to stabilize your movement. Once the joint is moving comfortably, your practitioner will add a weight-bearing resistance component, which creates long-lasting results and immediately helps to alter symptoms. In order to increase the effectiveness of ATM2®, we will provide you with pain-free exercises you can do at home.