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    Our Guide to 3 Effective Pulled Muscle Treatments



Our Guide to 3 Effective Pulled Muscle Treatments

If you have a physically active lifestyle, which includes exercising, playing sports, and doing outdoor activities, you are prone to a pulled muscle or muscle strain. This injury happens when muscles are stretched beyond their limits, resulting in inflammation, stiffness, and pain. When you experience a pulled muscle, it is important to seek treatment immediately to prevent it from getting worse.

A pulled muscle involves a tearing of muscle fibers, which can go all the way through in severe injuries. Pain is the most common symptom of a pulled muscle, which gets worse with movement. It may also be accompanied by swelling and redness around the affected area. When the muscle is injured, the body also produces scar tissue, which leads to more pain because the muscle becomes stiff and weak. Moreover, a muscle that is tired from activities can also lead to injury. Pulled muscles on your neck may be due to a whiplash injury or sports injury.

On your visit to a chiropractic facility, a chiropractor will assess the severity of your pulled muscle. It may involve performing a few exercises to see how your body responds to movements. This will help the chiropractor determine the appropriate treatment for your injury.

One of the best ways to treat pulled muscle is by using a combination of approaches that are best for providing relief. Taking pain medication will not cut it because the absence of pain doesn’t mean it’s already healed.

Active release therapy

The active release therapy works best for a pulled muscle. It is a gold standard for treating soft tissue injuries, which is incredibly effective in making the muscle heal fast. This technique entails breaking up the scar tissues so the blood will flow properly again and promote healing.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment, meanwhile, is best for improving the movement of joints around the injury. A chiropractor will help ease muscle strains and prevent re-injury. The treatment involves gentle movements of the muscle to strengthen them and relieve the pain. It can also include temperature therapy to give muscles a relief, as well as massage to improve circulation that can help repair the muscles.

Kinesio Tape

A Kinesio tape is a strip of colorful therapeutic tape strategically applied to the body to support the healing after an injury. The tape is stretchy, so it can provide enough support without limiting your movement. It can also help improve blood and fluids circulation and reduce swelling around the area of the injury.

Muscle pain can be really uncomfortable, limiting you from doing your daily tasks. The absence of pain is not a sign that your pulled muscle is gone if you only took pain medications. It is important to seek proper treatment to allow the pulled muscle to heal. Otherwise, when you continue to use your injured muscles, it can lead to a more severe problem.

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