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    How Medical Massage can Help Fibromyalgia



How Medical Massage can Help Fibromyalgia

Living with fibromyalgia can feel like a constant battle against mood swings, tiredness, muscle soreness and chronic pain. Since there is no definitive “cure” for this syndrome, it’s important to find treatment options that not only work for you, but are safe to use long-term. One of these safe, natural treatments is medical massage therapy. Undergoing regular massages by an experienced massage therapist can benefit you in many ways as a fibromyalgia sufferer.

Medical Massage and Muscle Relaxation

By using a combination of soothing, long strokes and shorter, kneading motions, your massage therapist can loosen your muscles. This increases your range of motion, so you experience less pain and stiffness when you move. You’ll find that your tender points feel less tender and that your body is less reactive to cold. Those first few steps after rolling out of bed in the morning won’t be so painful.

Reduced Heartrate

Heart rate and stress have an interesting relationship in fibromyalgia. A higher heart rate raises your stress levels, and stress drives your heart rate even higher. Massage can help break this cycle, reducing your heart rate and your stress levels at the same time.

Massage helps direct fluids out of your tissues and back into your circulation system. Not only does this help with soreness, but it helps stabilize your blood volume, which leads to a lower heart rate and less irritability. Most patients also find massage relaxing. They emerge from the experience feeling less stressed out, and this stress-free feeling lingers, keeping moods more stable.

Release of Endorphins

Massage stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural pain-relieving hormones produced in your central nervous system. Endorphins also help fight depression, and they make it easier for you to get restful sleep—a common struggle among fibromyalgia patients. Improved sleep leads to even greater relief from the irritability, mood swings, and depression you likely suffer.

Adding medical massage to your fibromyalgia treatment plan is a safe, natural, and effective choice. Your therapist will specialize your treatment protocol to your needs and symptoms. To learn more, contact Launchfit™ by Clinicube®For Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.