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    Lower back pain: Dealing with it at home



Lower back pain: Dealing with it at home

If you’ve ever suffered with lower back pain, you’ll know it’s an extremely painful condition. Some suffer with this chronically because of conditions such as a slipped disc. Others injure themselves playing sport and suffer with temporary pain. Whatever type you’re suffering from right now, it’s not going to be pleasant. Of course, seeing a professional will help to ease your pain. That being said, it isn’t always possible to do this. Sometimes, you just need to know how to ease off your back pain at home. Here are some effective ways of dealing with your lower back pain yourself.

Always focus on good posture

Good posture is so important, at all stages of life. Whether you’re sitting or standing, making sure your posture is right is a must. Your head should be up and stacked neutrally over your spine. Your shoulders should be back and chest out. Always be mindful of your posture to keep your back pain-free.

Get moving ASAP

Having the body in an upright position can help with lower back pain. Some people think that they should be on bed rest, but this isn’t actually recommended for more than 3 days. You could end up with worse pain if you stay still for too long! It’s better to get out and get active as soon as you can. Even if you’re just walking, it’ll help to ease your pain. You’ll improve your health and strengthen your back. Just make sure you avoid any activity that caused this pain in the first place. You don’t want to do anything too strenuous. When you feel ready, you can incorporate things like yoga and abdominal exercises. If you have weak abdominals, your lower back could actually be taking the strain. Don’t forget, exercise actually increases the endorphins our bodies produce. This means we feel happier and we don’t feel as much pain.

Improve your quality of sleep

The quality of sleep we get can impact our lives in a big way. If your mattress isn’t right for you, you could be making your back worse, not to mention that getting a low quality of sleep will make you all the more receptive to your back pain. Making sure you have the right type of mattress, and taking the steps to enjoy a high quality of sleep will do you the world of good.

Hot and cold treatments for lower back pain

Hot and cold treatments can work wonders for an injured back. However, you must use them in the correct way to ease your pain. If you’ve injured your back and there’s swelling, using an ice pack for the first 48 hours is a good idea. After that, you can use heat on your back to settle things down. Generally though, using the one you find most comfortable should benefit you. Always make sure your skin is protected before using a hot or cold treatment.

Meditation and deep breathing

These two techniques are amazing relaxation techniques. As you are de-stressing and putting your mind at rest, you could help your back to no end. The more relaxed you are, the lower your perceived level of pain. It may take you a while to get used to quietening your mind and taking proper breaths, but stick with it. It’s great for your health in other areas, too.