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    Joseph Sullivan DC

Joseph Sullivan DCDr Joseph C. Sullivan III brings a wealth of experience to the team. After graduating from The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1986, Dr Sullivan established private practices in Orange County, CA and Santa Monica, CA. He has been in successful practice for over 25 years and among his many patients are included professional athletes, actors, musicians, and well know Hollywood celebrities.

Dr Sullivan’s approach to the body and health is centered around clean water, pesticide free food, a healthy spine and balanced functional core stabilization. As he’s said, “In the beginning years of my practice, I adjusted many patients who could not hold their adjustments nor their posture. They were chronically in pain or discomfort. Once we began to assess and then add specific core strengthening exercises and stabilization to the program, patients became stronger, more vital and healthy and they were out of that constant state of inflammation.”

Dr Sullivan returns to his home state of New York after the last three years in Italy practicing Chiropractic, teaching the Italian people about posture, balancing their core, neutral spine and how to take care of their bodies.

Dr Sullivan’s activities outside the office include weightlifting and stretching, walking and interval training and Golf. He is also a Sommelier and an aspiring Chef.

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