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    Is It All Right to Exercise after a Chiropractic Session?



Is It All Right to Exercise after a Chiropractic Session?

Because it’s safe, effective, yet not bloody nor invasive, many people seek chiropractic treatments as their alternative pain medicine option. Persistent and mysterious pains that drugs seem not to address, chiropractic can take away. Chiropractic care can also help improve poor posture and enhance performance and body function by addressing problems in the spine. After all, the spine connects every nerve in the body, and problems in that part would naturally affect the rest of the body. The type, length, and frequency of treatments would depend on your diagnosis. However, all spinal adjustments involve the manual manipulation of the spine and its associated muscles, nerves, ligaments, and bones. Hence, exercising after your chiropractic session may not be appropriate.

What are the risks of exercising after seeing the chiropractor?

Your muscles, bones, and spine may get disturbed if you exercise immediately after a spinal adjustment. This is because the effects of spinal manipulation are often gradual. Worse, the wrong type of exercise can even aggravate your pain or expose you to more injury. Certain types of rigorous exercises may hinder the recovery of patients after undergoing spinal adjustment due to an injury. In general, what you need to do after a chiropractic treatment is to rest.

Nevertheless, chiropractors always include regular exercises as part of the comprehensive chiropractic care plan. Thus, you don’t need to worry if they tell you to take a rest first. If you have any concerns, communicate with your chiropractor. Depending on the type of treatment, you may have to wait a few days after treatment before engaging in any rigorous activity. It also helps to consult with your physician before starting a chiropractic care plan to know if you can still exercise immediately after undergoing spinal adjustment.

Exercises that a chiropractor nycwould recommend

Your body needs time to adjust to the effects of manual manipulation on your spine. Hence, you have to take care of yourself so that the beneficial effects of chiropractic care would run its course naturally, with little to no disruption. A heavy workout right after treatment can be counterproductive. Instead of hitting the gym immediately after your spinal adjustment, you may perform the exercises recommended by your chiropractor.

Your chiropractor nycwould design a special set of safe exercises meant to support and enhance the outcomes of your treatment. These exercises may vary from one person to another, although the intent of exercises of any chiropractic care is the same.

Chiropractic care exercises to improve your lifestyle

Even as the chiropractor nycmay not immediately recommend exercising after a spinal adjustment, regular exercise, as well as losing or maintaining weight, is a vital aspect of any healthy living plan, including chiropractic care. You and your chiropractor nycwould talk about the exercise plan designed to fit into your overall pain management and performance enhancement program. Expect that the first round of exercises would be mild, such as a brisk walk or yoga. However, as you recover and improve, you can gradually move to aerobic exercises, such as jogging or aerobic dancing.

Nevertheless, if you experience pain at any point during your exercise, you should stop and opt for lighter routines instead. For safe exercises after a spinal adjustment, always consult your chiropractor.

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