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    How to Make the Most of Physical Therapy – Our Guide



How to Make the Most of Physical Therapy – Our Guide

Many people think that physical therapy is only for those who are recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness that affected their mobility. Some even believe that only athletes can seek the assistance of a physical therapist. Indeed, patients who are in the process of recovering from injuries and illnesses, as well as athletes who need to stay in good shape, require the professional services of physical therapists. However, the benefits of physical therapy are not only applicable to their situations.

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain and experiences weakness and mobility concerns can find relief through physical therapy. Tissue overload, as well as the overuse of joints and tendons, can cause pain and mobility issues over time. Physical therapy can help address the root cause of pain, eventually decreasing and eliminating symptoms. However, the results may take time to completely manifest. Unfortunately, some patients are quick to deduce that it doesn’t work for them. 

If you have been suffering from chronic pain, or experiencing a reduction in mobility, seeking professional help from a physical therapist is something you might want to consider. Read on to know why.

Physical Therapists Are Licensed Medical Professionals

Physical therapists may not be medical doctors, but they are medical professionals. They have undergone intensive education, learning about the human body, and how it works. After graduation, they take exams to get licensed and certified by medical associations. In the uninformed eye, it’s easy to conclude that all a physical therapist does is facilitate stretching. While stretching takes a huge part of physical therapy, those stretching exercises are essential. Physical therapists know how each muscle and bone group works and how each of them works with other parts of the body. 

You Can Directly Seek the Help of a Physical Therapist

Patients noticing issues with their movement can directly consult a physical therapist. Even those with a minor orthopedic injury, such as a pulled muscle or sprained ankle, can come directly to a PT. This means fewer costs as you won’t have to pay for a doctor’s consultation. You will also get immediate and direct attention. The PT can assess your condition and should you need to see a doctor, they will recommend you to one.

Making the Most of Your Physical Therapy Sessions

To make sure that you get the most out of your therapy sessions, follow these tips:

  • Know your history – The physical therapist will ask about your medical background as well as your lifestyle to find out what could have caused your mobility issues.
  • Set goals – Inform your physical therapist of your goals for undergoing therapy. Is it to relieve pain or to return to a sport or activity? Clarifying your goals will help the PT customize a treatment plan.
  • Always show up – The number of appointments or sessions will depend on your condition. The PT will recommend the ideal schedule for you, so be sure to commit to the schedule. You can always request for adjustments if needed. However, remember that there’s a reason why your PT will recommend a schedule for you. 
  • Do your homework – Your PT will likely ask you to do exercises at home in between sessions. Make sure you do them to aid in faster recovery and improvement.

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