March 6, 2019

How Chiropractors Treat Sciatica – What to Know

Sciatica is a disruptive condition for many reasons. First of all, you need your lower body to move around and lift things with ease. When you suffer from sciatica, however, you can’t walk around comfortably without feeling pain running down your leg. This can prevent you from staying active and enjoying a high quality of life. Second of all, the pain can be chronic and even be too much to bear at times. When you’re not in control of your body, other mental issues can start to set in such as depression and anxiety. This is why if you’re suffering from such a condition, you need to have it treated as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll talk in detail about what sciatica is and how chiropractors work to treat it.


What is Sciatica?

Sciatic neuralgia, more commonly known as sciatica, is a condition that causes the patient to feel a sharp pain from their lower back down to the posterior part of their leg, often extending into the foot. The pain runs along the sciatic nerve, which is the nerve cord that forks out from your lower back and down to the end of your leg. There are many symptoms that can arise from this condition, ranging from weakness, pain, and soreness, to numbness. The symptoms of sciatica usually come and go throughout one’s life, depending on the health and living condition of the person at the time. The pain can range from being negligible to being so severe that one can’t put any weight on the leg.

Sciatica is caused by the pinching of the sciatic nerve, and there can be many things that can cause it to happen. The sciatic nerve starts in the lumbar spine, extending into the buttocks and running down the length of the leg. We will discuss the potential causes of sciatica in the next section.

The Causes of Sciatica
One of the most common causes of sciatica is an injury to the spinal discs in the lumbar area. Too much force or pressure to that region can cause a bulge or subluxations to form in the spine. These bulges and subluxations may be minute, but if they press against the nerve, it can result in a pressure that can trigger pain and weakness in the legs. The more that the bulge presses up against the sciatic nerve, the more pain the patient is going to experience. In most cases, there may be early signs of sciatic issues before the injury, but the incident may be the catalyst for the condition to come into full effect.

How Chiropractors Treat Sciatica
First off, the chiropractor will perform an x-ray examination to find out where the subluxation is located so that they can aim to correct it. They will use a number of tools to find out the angle of the misalignment of the spine and the degree at which it’s pressing up against the sciatic nerve. Once everything has been measured, the chiropractor will proceed to perform the associated adjustments to ensure that the spine is put back in alignment. The patient may feel a sharp pain running down their leg as the adjustment is being done, which is the result of the pressure being relieved from the nerve. Patients usually report feeling better minutes after the treatment due to the lift in pressure on their sciatic nerves. If the symptoms persist, the patient may need to make extra appointments to perform additional adjustments to get rid of the pinching entirely.


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