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NYC Chiropractor Whiplash > How A NYC Chiropractor Helps Whiplash
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    How a NYC Chiropractor helps whiplash pain



How a NYC Chiropractor helps whiplash pain

Whiplash is one of the most common injury complaints issued by those who have been involved in an automobile accident, and can be tricky for a conventional doctor to treat. Every whiplash case is unique to the sufferer, making a generic treatment difficult to prescribe.

Neck and back pain are two of the main symptoms of whiplash. Nerve damage as a result of an accident can also result in sciatica.

Can a Chiropractor help with whiplash?

A Chiropractor will generally detect any dysfunctions during a preliminary chiropractic exam, and then devise a course of treatment individually tailored to the patients’ needs in order to alleviate the pain caused by whiplash.

What treatments will a Chiropractor typically offer for whiplash?


Manipulation is the primary treatment for dysfunctional joints due to whiplash, and involves a Chiropractor gently manipulating the affected joint into the direction it should be resting at. A combination of short thrusts and slow movements are used to achieve this.

Muscle stimulation and relaxation

To treat muscular complaints, a Chiropractor will apply gentle stretches to muscles bearing excessive tension, and contractions to muscles which are inhibited. Exceptionally tight muscles may be treated with finger pressure techniques which are applied to various trigger points in order to relieve pain and repair muscle tissue.

Sensorimotor exercise

Whiplash can also cause a herniated disc, and sensorimotor exercises can be used to combat this. Sensorimotor techniques can also be broadly used to correct movement patterns (such as walking with a slouch, which can cause neck pain). This whiplash treatment helps train the nervous system to co-ordinate movement to improve overall stability, and is ideal for helping a patient to get back into shape following a major trauma such as a fall or car accident.

Lifestyle advice

A Chiropractor should also be able to offer you everyday tips and tricks for performing everyday tasks more ergonomically. This advice can even extend to addressing aggravating factors in the home or workplace, such as an unsuitable office space.

If you are currently suffering from pain as a result of whiplash, why not consider contacting a Manhattan Chiropractor today for an initial consultation in order to find out how you could benefit from a course of chiropractic treatment?