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Fix Posture NYC

Our postural programming system is responsible for optimal functioning of the skeletal framework. It’s an automatic, unconscious system that allows us to walk, enjoy sports, work and perform everyday daily life activities. Poor posture results in spinal and joint dysfunction, which can create pain in the joints, back, feet, knees, or hips. Additional side effects can include sciatica nycor feeling unsteady while standing or walking.The two primary sensory receptors responsible for the way your brain reads posture information are your feet and eye muscles.

Postural Reprogramming

Postural reprogramming is a procedure used to correct these imbalances in posture.  To recalibrate deficiencies in the feet, postural insoles are custom-made based on the results of an examination. These custom-fitted thin insoles react to the tilt and rotation of the feet. They dramatically improve stability and alignment, while eliminating discomfort and restoring a normal walk.To relax the tendon and help both eyes focus toward the bridge of your nose, a small magnet is placed near the corner of your weaker eye. Eye exercises are also utilized to strengthen your weaker eye and further improve eye focus. The resulting message that is sent to your brain will help keep your head level and your shoulders even.

Correcting Posture

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