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Experiencing PMS? Here's what you need to know - Launchfit™ Manhattan | Chiropractor NYC
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    Experiencing PMS? Here’s what you need to know



Experiencing PMS? Here’s what you need to know

Chiropractic treatments may not usually be associated with healing premenstrual syndrome but many women experience less hormonal pain and discomfort following a visit to their Chiropractor depending on the given treatment. PMS can have an intense effect on women, impacting both emotional and physical health and for some, the onset of the monthly cycle is a nightmare.

PMS side-effects

Side-effects from PMS are often very unpleasant. Bloating, fatigue, irritability and even feelings of anger can be experienced and sometimes, women may struggle to view everyday situations with a normal perspective. Then, there are the intense cravings for either chocolate or salt. While hormonal changes are a normal part of life for women, it is worth noting that this is a real medical condition and most definitely creates intense psychological and physical symptoms. People talk about PMS as a vague collection of symptoms but for women the world over, it is a real problem. It occurs one or two weeks before the monthly period starts. Fortunately, the symptoms generally lessen or stop altogether either through pregnancy or when the woman enters the menopausal stage.


Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is a more severe form of PMS and is likely to create strong negative symptoms, including the following:

• Intense sadness or suicidal thoughts

• Unpredictable mood swings

• Tears, irritability or anger

• Anxiety or panic attacks

• Loss of interest in day to day life

• Loss of interest in family relationships

• Insomnia or intense fatigue

• Food cravings

• Loss of control in life

Women may also experience headaches, muscle pains, joint pains, bloating and tenderness in their breasts. Where five or more of these symptoms are experienced regularly, women will find it useful to see their doctor.


Adopting a healthy eating or holistic lifestyle approach is likely to ease symptoms of PMS or PMDD, but in respect of self-help, women should cut down or stop smoking, and practice yoga regularly as this can help to increase feelings of balance and calmness. Reducing alcohol or salt intake may also help. Magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B-6 may also be useful to help combat the symptoms of PMS.

Chiropractic treatment

Although chiropractic treatment will not cure PMS, often there is an improvement as a result of the lower back being manipulated and this is because a healthy nervous system ensures each cell and every tissue within the body is functioning well. A problematic lower back can affect the nerves which govern the reproductive and hormonal system, preventing them from working sufficiently. From this, we can note that any misalignment of spinal bones may cause heavier monthly periods, abdominal cramp, infertility or irregular periods and even lead toward endometriosis. Certainly as a by-product, many women find that their hormonal levels improve after the lower back is treated and it can simply mean that the spinal column is now re-aligned and that the nervous system begins to function normally. Those women who do suffer from very bad period pains or PMS may benefit from seeing a Chiropractor in the weeks leading up to their menstrual cycle. Alternative treatments for alleviating PMS and improving health and well-being include physical therapy, acupuncture or massage therapy.

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