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Everything You Need To Know About Herniated Disc Treatment In New York - Launchfit™ Manhattan | Chiropractor NYC
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    Everything You Need To Know About Herniated Disc Treatment In New York



Everything You Need To Know About Herniated Disc Treatment In New York

Herniated discs can exist in four distinct stages. These are discs that have migrated or been forced out of their correct positions. When these injuries occur, nerves can become compress, mobility can be compromised and people can experience considerable and chronic pain. Following is everything you need to know about these problems and the best options in herniated disc treatment in New York.

Understanding Disc Protrusion

When one or more of the vertebral discs begins to deteriorate, this is known as disc protrusion. The spine is subjected to a considerable amount of stress that invariably leads to progressive wear and tear. The result of this wear can be chronic and debilitating issues. Given that each part of the spine is interdependent upon the others, a single problem in an isolated area can eventually have an impact on all others.

The intervertebral discs exist between the vertebrae and account for one-fourth of the spine’s total length. With protrusion or slipped discs, the intervertebral discs begin to decay. There is an inner material in the structure that has a gel-like consistency. This material can accumulate on one side, causing bulging or protrusion. The most common result of protrusion is pressure on the nerves that abuts the discs.

What You Need To Know About Extrusion

With disc extrusion, the disc’s inner nucleus starts to seep out. This seepage results in abnormal pressure and stress in the affected area along with nerve compression. The result of compression is chronic and persistent discomfort in the back or neck. If the sciatic nerve becomes compressed as the result of extrusion, an individual can experience problems like tingling and numbness in the extremities and sharp, shooting pains that travel down the buttocks and legs.

While some severe cases of extrusion may require surgery, it is often possible to alleviate this issue via inversion, manual adjustments, repositioning tables and other forms of hands-on and natural therapy. Most patients are given multi-pronged and individualized plans that represent their own conditions and needs. It is important to note that when extrusion is not treated in a timely fashion, many painful, secondary conditions can develop.

The Characteristics Of Sequestered Discs

If the outer wall of the disc develops a tear and the inner material of the discs begins to seep out and ultimately separates from the disc, this is called sequestration. The detached material often places pressure on spinal nerves that results in symptoms much like those of extrusion. While the symptoms of these two forms of herniation are very much the same, the required manner of treatment is often dissimilar.

In many cases, the material that has seeped out of the disc, also known as nucleus pulosus can actually be absorbed by the blood stream. This means that there are frequently times when sequestration is something that the body is capable of partially resolving on its own. Treatment in these instances will focus on restoring health to the damaged structure and on altering or improving the life habits or lifestyle factors that have led to sequestration so as to avoid similar injuries in the future.