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    Easy Steps to Improving Your Driving Posture



Easy Steps to Improving Your Driving Posture

If you spend many hours driving, chances are you have been experiencing some degree of back pain, which is probably because of a poor driving posture. People don’t often realize how their driving posture can put much strain on the spine, which causes stiffness, soreness, and pain on the back. So, maintaining a good driving posture can benefit your spine, making you feel better. Here are some tips on how to improve your driving posture:

Enter the vehicle properly

The way you enter the car is often overlooked and is not considered as something important when it comes to proper posture. All you care is to be inside the vehicle. However, when you enter your vehicle hastily, it can cause unnecessary twisting, bending, and spinal pain. The proper way to enter the car is that you sit back perpendicularly to your steering wheel, facing out the door. Then, you swing your legs around and pivot your body until you are in the normal driving position. Instead of bending and twisting, this is a more fluid movement to enter the car.

Adjust the lumbar support

Car seats are lower than regular seats that people are used to, so it is quite hard to maintain a good posture while driving. Adjust the lumbar support of your car, which will help maintain the natural curve of your spine. Better lumbar support also softens the impact of car bounces and sways on your spine.

Keep your seat straight

Keep your seat straight to support your back. When seats are reclined, your back receives much pressure, which is why you may feel soreness and pain.

Position the headrest properly

Make sure that your headrest is right behind your skull, not too high, or low. When your headrest is positioned correctly, it can protect you from a potential neck injury in case of an accident.

Adjust your hand position on the steering wheel

You probably follow the ten and two adages in positioning your hands on the steering wheel. Try moving to nine and three for a more comfortable position.

Adjust your seat

Adjust your seat in a way that you have room for your legs to be stretched without straining to reach the pedals. A comfortable reach can prevent putting pressure on your sciatic nerve.

Take regular breaks

When taking a long drive, take regular breaks to alleviate the stiffness of your muscles. Keeping your body in the same position can cause fatigue and pain, so it’s essential to take a break, stretch a little, and walk around.


When you drive, your posture matters in keeping your back healthy, as well as other parts of your body. With proper position, you can lessen the pressure on your body when you spend many hours behind the wheels.

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