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    Dr. Noam Sadovnik


Dr. Noam Sadovnik is the founder and director of the Chiropractic and Physical Therapy services at Clinicube.Practicing since 2004, Dr. Sadovnik utilizes an integrated approach and advanced technologies, in conjunction with conventional chiropractic techniques, to help patients heal properly while minimizing recovery time. From pain relief efforts to increasing range of motion and flexibility, Dr. Sadovnik and his team are dedicated to assisting individuals through non-surgical and drug-free individualized treatment plans.Dr. Sadovnik holds a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Exercise Science, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Life Science, from the University at Buffalo. He completed Logan University’s Doctor of Chiropractic Program and two years of post-doctorate work in Chiropractic Neurology at the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies. Dr. Sadovnik really cares about each patient and their individual recovery which makes the whole process of going to the doctor feel a little less sterile and a little more personalized. I couldn’t reccommend Launchfit™ by Clinicube®and Dr. Sadovnik any more highly to anyone seeking pain management and excellent chiropractic care!

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