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Knee Pain | Treatment at Launchfit™ by Clinicube®| New York City | Call Dr Sadovnik
  • Background Image

    Chronic Knee Pain

Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is a common problem in our society due to mostly wear & tear. This is caused by Osteoarthritis, spending a lot of time on your feet, have suffered a trauma from a fall or sports injury. You are amongst the 20% percent of Americans who suffer from chronic knee pain. One of the most common causes of knee pain is a tear or restricted motion of the meniscus.

To improve muscle function and break-up the accumulation of scar tissue, the Doctors at Launchfit™ by Clinicube®utilize the Active Release Technique (ART), which targets precise groups of muscles and soft tissue. The Drs. will also utilize basic knee and spine adjustments to improve performance and movement. Knee pain can also stem from tired and tense muscles in the legs, hip and lower back. Through Myofascial Release (MFR) the soft tissues are relieved of pain and their maximum level of function is restored. This technique improves blood and lymphatic circulation and relaxes contracted muscles.  

The most common complaints relate to ‘wear and tear’ or osteoarthritis and although a condition such as osteoarthritis is not curable, the symptoms can be reduced, and the progression of the problem can be helped thanks to our unique approach to treatment.

Chiropractic treatment is also very effective for many other knee problems.

Please read on to find out how!

Chiropractic treatment may well be the answer if:

  • knee pain is limiting your day-to-day or sporting activities,
  • you have been given painkillers and been told to rest with no long-term improvement, or
  • you have been told you have arthritis and there is nothing that can be done?


Chiropractic treatment of knee pain


Stage 1: Reduce joint inflammation and reduce pain

We have outlined the process of our treatment below to give you an idea of our approach. We would normally modify the treatment to suit each patient and their specific conditions. So, the type of treatment that is most appropriate for one person is not necessarily right for another.

  • Avoidance of aggravating factors, use of a support, sports tape
  • Ice to reduce inflammation, muscle spasm and pain
  • Soft tissue healing:laser, ultrasound and interferential therapy

Stage 2: Normalize joint function

  • Specific chiropractic manipulation and mobilization techniques to areas of restricted movement in the knee and surrounding joints, to increase movement, improve the function and reduce pain
  • Deep soft tissue massage, trigger-point therapy and cross-friction.

Stage 3: Rehabilitation exercise program

  • When appropriate we introduce exercises to improve strength, endurance and stability. We also work on improving your balance and your sense of joint position. This will help you to return to normal and prevent new injuries.

Read more about common causes of Neck pain seen in chiropractic practice and read in more detail about specific conditions.