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What Does A Typical Visit to the Chiropractor Look Like? - Chiropractor NYC | Launchfit™
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    What Does A Typical Visit to the Chiropractor Look Like?



What Does A Typical Visit to the Chiropractor Look Like?

Although visiting the chiropractor’s office for a treatment session is comparable to visiting the doctor, there are some things are distinctly different. For one, the treatment table is nothing like the table in the doctor’s office. It can be adjusted in a number of positions to make spinal adjustments easier. There are even areas of the table that can be dropped to allow gravity to do its part. Aside from that, there are differences that may not be very obvious at first glance. The usual visit to the chiropractor’s office is quite similar to a normal doctor’s visit. There’s an initial intake, a physical examination, the actual treatment, and a follow-up plan.

The initial intake process at a chiropractor’s office is quite similar to that at a doctor’s clinic. You’ll have to fill out a few forms and go over your health history. In the chiropractor’s office, however, you will probably also have to indicate where you’re feeling pain or discomfort on an illustration of the human body. 

After the initial intake process has been completed, the physical examination will begin. First, a routine physical exam will be carried out. Then, a specific exam concentrating on the spine and the afflicted areas will begin. Your chiropractor will take a close look at your entire spine, taking the different parts into consideration. Your spine is very well connected. An injury in one area may very well result in pain in another. A neck injury or strain may present itself as lower back pain. For this reason, it’s crucial for your chiropractor to examine your entire spine.

There are usually quite a few assessments included in the physical exam including motion tests, palpation, reflex testing, muscle strength comparisons, and even neurological and orthopedic tests.

If this is your first time visiting a chiropractor, he or she will have to take some time to develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. It will take several things into consideration, such as the extent of your original injury, your general health, your spinal health, and the results that you want to see.

A lot of people don’t have much to say in terms of results other than to “get better.” For this reason, your goals are usually discussed with your chiropractor. You may just be looking for an alleviation of pain or maybe you’re looking to improve your overall health. Your chiropractor will take your needs into consideration and make it a part of your treatment plan. Initial consultations will include your chiropractor telling you your current condition and their recommended course of treatment. It’s important to communicate with your chiropractor while settling on a course of treatment that you’re comfortable with.

At this point, the actual treatment will begin. Most chiropractic treatment involves spinal adjustments. This is a very specific manipulation of your spine with a very specific force, angle, direction, and velocity. It’s a lot more than just press and waiting for a release.

Most adjustments occur in the spine. However, there are several other parts of your body that may need to be adjusted. Your ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, and even shoulder may be adjusted to relieve pain and improve mobility. After all, the joints all over your body affect your daily life. Many chiropractic adjustments need to be performed over the course of a few days to improve mobility, relieve pain, and allow normal function. The frequency of treatment is usually reduced over time as pain diminishes.

Sometimes people have injuries or other things keeping them from having manual adjustments. In such cases, chiropractors use mild or non-force techniques. There may also be the application of heat, electrical stimulation, or proper footwear to help. Rehabilitative exercise, modifications to diet, and other lifestyle changes may also be recommended.

If you haven’t visited a chiropractor yet, we greatly encourage you to give it a try. Our team of professionals are here to help you! Need any extra information? Get in touch with us today!