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Chiropractor NY | Launchfit™ by Clinicube®New York City Chiropractic
  • Background Image

    Chiropractor New York

To anyone who is experiencing chronic pain in New York:

Finally, Relieve The Incapacitating Pain That Is Ruining

Your Life. . .Quickly. . .Safely. . .Our New York Chiropractor can help.

“What a difference it has made in my life! When I came to Launchfit™ by Clinicube®for care I was in severe, excruciating pain. Thanks to you I have noticed great change and now feel the way I used to before my accident.” ~ J.M.

What if you could stop the pain that is making you miserable — without gulping down pain-killers, without invasive surgery, and without resorting to ineffective treatments. . . and started to enjoy the liberation, the peace of mind, and the delight of total health once again?

The website you are looking at can change your life. Just as it has for hundreds of others who have experienced pain and discomfort. Your hands on the keyboard right now have the ability to bring you instant relief. Here’s how. . .

There’s a facility in New York City, a sanctuary in NOMAD Manhattan, where injured people and athletes sometimes travel hundreds of miles to reach. It’s called CLINICUBE, and it’s getting rave reviews from patients, athletes, physical therapists, doctors, and the media.

And now you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself. If you—or a loved one— is struggling with any of these problems…

   * Back & Neck Pain

    * Shoulder & Arm Pain

    * Hip & Leg Pain

    * Sciatica

    * Bulged/Herniated Discs

    * Piriformis Syndrome

    * Scoliosis

    * Myofascial Pain Syndrome

    * Numbness & Tingling

    * Pinched Nerves

    * Carpal Tunnel

    * Fibromyalgia

…then it’s urgent you come to CLINICUBE for help. Our holistic approach offers you the latest, the most refined, AND the most effective methods of treatment for these debilitating problems.

Once you’ve come in to our New York Sports Medicine Clinic, you will finally be able to:

  • Get a good night’s sleep once again
  • Relish the sports you love
  • Experience renewed flexibility and function
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Have fun with your partners,
  • Enjoy activities with your kids and grand-kids—no matter your age
  • Get your dexterity back
  • Feel more relaxed…free of stress and aggravation
  • Be able to concentrate on the things that give you pleasure again
  • Have greater peace of mind, total well-being, and complete relief
  • And the best news of all. . .

. . .You Will No Longer Be a Prisoner to Pain or Pills. . .

. . .because Our New York based facility uses a comprehensive, broad-based approach to diagnosis, treatment, and health. We offer you a variety of methods to help clear up, reduce, and remove many tormenting problems that are affecting/torturing you or your loved ones:

  • headaches and fatigue
  • stiff neck pain or chronic neck pain
  • lower back pain or upper back pain
  • arthritis
  • sacroiliac joint pain
  • And More..

We can do this because we get to the cause of the problems, not just the symptoms. We achieve this without drugs or invasive surgical procedures — ensuring long-term well being, harmony and optimal health. 

Are you beginning to see the ways a New York Chiropractor can help you?

Why Do Doctors Choose The Center When They’re in Pain?

It’s because they discovered where to get the best treatment. With their connections, they are referred by the best. They aren’t taken in by exaggerated claims or false advertising promises. They do what works. . .

. . .Isn’t it time for you to do what works?

You’ve taken the first step onto the path of wellness by coming to this website, why not take the next step and call us today?


For over 14 years our New York City clinic has been relieving the pain and discomfort that makes people’s lives miserable. Not only do we the relieve pain, and help patients regain flexibility, we also correct the causes of our patient’s condition. We rehabilitate accumulated tissue damage that can result in dangerous, life-threatening inflammation.

We offer our patients a wide variety of traditional and alternative services, including the latest technological advances in holistic treatments. Experience shows that by doing this, we can reduce or eliminate the causes and minimize the chances of a crippling relapse.

The Launchfit™ by Clinicube®Philosophy on Pain Recovery

“To give the highest standards of care to help New York achieve optimal recovery from musculoskeletal  pain, injury and dysfunction. Central to this philosophy is the emphasis of the interrelationship between structure and function and the conviction that the body has a natural tendency to resist disease and heal itself.

“Our holistic approach concentrates on non-surgical treatments to help reduce or eliminate the problem. We combine this approach with corrective exercise and patient eduction, fitness and wellness techniques.”

~ Dr. Noam Sadvonik

Meet Your New York Chiropractic Doctors

Everyone knows that the fastest road to recovery is to have a group of dedicated professionals on your side. Here are the professionals who are on your team, doing everything they can to make you feel great and get you back in the game:

Noam Sadovnik,

Doctor of Chiropractic

Director of Clinical Services

Co-author of the book, 12 Weeks to Wellness: The Comprehensive Lifestyle Management Program

Meet The Staff

A compliment we get often is how the members of our staff are warm, welcoming and friendly. You are a guest at The Center, not a number, not just a body.

Can you think of any other facility that can help you recover faster? Call us today. Talk to one of our staff members, Jane So-and-so. Tell her what’s wrong, and she’ll suggest the best course of action you should take. And if she feels that we can’t help you, she will try to point you in the right direction.


An hour session at The Center feels like a weekend at the spa. . .Splendid.

Now Get Over 30 Years Experience Combined With The Very Latest In Health Care Technology In One Visit. . .

We focus on non-surgical services and care which will reduce or totally eliminate the cause of your pain, restore function and improve overall performance.

Here are just some of the services we offer you:

  • Spine & Sports Injury Care. If your back has been hurt on the job, or while playing sports, and you have sustained a stinger or other spinal injury, we can treat, rehabilitate and strengthen the affected and adjoining areas.
  • Chiropractic Care. Midtown Total Health specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeltal system with a focus on the importance of the spine. Problems with this area can affect the health of your whole mind-body system.
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. We will help you regain your strength, fitness, and mobility with particular focus on occupational therapy so once again you can do your everyday activities without pain or discomfort.
  • Posture Correction. Improper posture can cause backaches, headaches, muscle strain and lack of energy. Sometimes these aches and pains appear to come out of the blue. Bad posture can not only make you look ten years older, it can actually alter the correct function of your internal organs.  We can help you develop your posture. The benefits of a good posture are incredible: eliminate chronic pain, have more energy, get your muscles working more efficiently making you look and feel a lot better.
  • Digital Foot Scan. Your feet are the structural support base for your whole body, if they are out of whack, even if you don’t realize it, your whole body will be unbalanced. This can lead to painful posture problems as you age. A digital foot scan will show you any problems you might have with your weight distribution. We can then advise you on some simple steps you can take to stop the problem.
  • Cold Laser Therapy. This safe, state-of-the-art procedure effectively treats chronic pain, wounds, and soft tissue injury. It’s also been shown to resolve inflammation and boost the immune system.
  • ATM2 Therapy. With the latest in ATM (Active Therapeutic Movements), you will achieve long-lasting pain-free movement, as well as a marked increase in strength and range of movement in affected areas. Athletes will quickly notice significant enhancement of performance using ATM2.
  • Muscle Activation Technique (MAT). Remain an active athlete, body-builder, or dancer by using the techniques that address weak muscles. With MAT you get a host of benefits: decrease pain, reduce injury risk, restore your body’s natural alignment, correct compensation patterns, and reach optimal performance levels by using this revolutionary bodywork therapy.
  • Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. The latest technology to treat injuries of the discs in the back and neck. It’s proven to be highly effective in treating herniated discs, pinched nerves, sciatia, leg and arm pain.

As you can see, no other facility offers you more therapeutic choices to get you on the road to recovery and elevated performance levels than our New York Chiropractic clinic.

And here’s even more great news: Most major insurance plans are accepted! Why not call us today to see if your plan covers you?