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Chiropractic care in pregnancy - Launchfit™ Manhattan | Chiropractor NYC
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    Chiropractic care in pregnancy



Chiropractic care in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but all those changes to your body can put a strain on your muscles, pelvis, neck and your back, and potentially cause posture problems and even sciatica, especially in the third trimester.

Chiropractic care might not be the obvious choice in pregnancy, but it can be a gentle, relaxing way of treating any aches and pains without taking any medications at all, leaving you free to enjoy the treatment and destress, without worrying about taking any drugs that might affect your baby.

Talk to your ob-gyn to check that there aren’t any reasons why you shouldn’t have chiropractic treatment but in most cases, chiropractic care is perfectly safe during pregnancy, and can bring great relief from pain and even help to reduce the dreaded morning sickness.

Your Chiropractor will examine you and look at your medical history before starting any treatment, and may recommend exercises you can use to keep you in the best possible shape during your pregnancy.

Chiropractic given throughout the pregnancy can keep your spine aligned perfectly, preventing back ache in many cases, and certainly relieving it if you do suffer with it, and can also help to keep your body aligned in the optimum position for an easier birth, potentially reducing time spent in labor.

If your pelvis is misaligned, it can make things more difficult at the birth as your baby may not be able to get into the ideal delivery position, but chiropractic care via the Webster Technique can carefully guide your pelvis back into balance and take away any stresses and strains, leaving the ideal amount of room for your baby to develop.

The Webster Technique is also used, with a very high success rate, to help turn breech babies naturally in the womb before labor begins, and can help to avoid the need for cesarean section.

Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman, and later in the pregnancy, the body can become uncomfortable from a curving spine due to the additional weight of the baby. Allow Launchfit™ by Clinicube® to take the very best care of you so you can relax and be as comfortable as possible right up to the big day!

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