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    Cervical disc disease: Treatment options in NYC



Cervical disc disease: Treatment options in NYC

Most people experience a painful neck from time to time and usually the symptoms and stiffness will start to dissipate, especially if the symptoms have been caused through sleeping awkwardly, poor posture or as a result of a minor injury. However, neck pain is often caused through a degenerative disorder, like cervical disc disease, typically associated with age, or through wear and tear of the spine. Degenerative disorders which affect the cervical spine affect a great many people and the loss of flexibility when it comes to moving the neck can make day to day living quite difficult.

Cervical Disc Disease

Typically, the neck is extremely flexible extending forward, back, from side to side, and moving in a circular motion when required. These movements are enabled by the joints within the cervical spine. Called vertebrae, there are seven cervical bones which, on an individual basis, are unable to bend, but the joints ensure movement. Although flexible, there is stability as it is connected by three joints which are comprised of two opposing surfaces made up of bone. The joints are also covered with cartilage and this affords the movement of the surfaces.


The spinal cord houses the nerves within the spine and these transmit signals to the brain. Where damage or degeneration has occurred, pain and stiffness is transmitted through the nerves and the individual feels the sensation of pain.

Cervical Disc Disease Diagnosis

It is important that anyone suffering from a stiff and painful neck seeks medical help and to ascertain the cause. When diagnosing any degenerative disorders, the doctor will require detailed responses to questions about how and when it started as well as any symptoms. There will also be an in-depth examination of the neck area. It can be difficult for diagnosis when neck pain is such a common complaint and is often caused through muscular pains too as well as more serious spinal disorders. Any pain that has continued for over 3 weeks is unlikely to be muscular pain and further diagnosis will be considered.

Cervical Disc Disease Treatment in NYC

Seeking advice and treatment from a Chiropractor is beneficial as they will look at 3 main causes:

  • Whether degeneration disturbs the spine mechanics
  • Whether any degenerative discs’ bulge and subsequently add pressure to the nerves
  • Stenosis causes back and leg pain.

A thorough examination will take place and the Chiropractor is likely to inquire about any previous injuries or back and neck problems. They will need to look at how the individual walks while considering posture. They will check to see if there is any restricted joint motion, muscle spasms or even injury to any disc. A treatment plan will then be devised and discussed and the aim will be to improve joint mechanics by way of the reduction of inflammation and spinal motion. They may also try to improve the inter-vertebral discs, but if advanced disc degeneration is present, this may not be possible. Spinal adjustment may prove beneficial, as this serves to restore movement to the joints.

Seek Professional Help

When neck pain is present, it pays to seek professional medical help and to use chiropractic care as many conditions can be improved even those caused by age or wear and tear. Triggers such as poor posture need to be identified to avoid making any symptoms worse, but generally, with regular treatment and lifestyle changes, there is usually great improvement.