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Back Pain Archives - Page 295 of 295 - Launchfit™ Manhattan | Chiropractor NYC
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    New York, NY

    Back Pain


How a NYC gait analysis lab can improve your health

You’ve probably heard of gait analysis and a gait analysis lab and have a rough idea of what they are. Maybe you think it’s mostly for serious runners wanting to fine tune their technique in order to avoid injury. Or perhaps you think it’s a sales device  of high-end running stores to help them sell expensive footwear.


While some of this may be true, gait analysis is a whole science which involves much more than this.


What is gait analysis?

In essence, gait analysis is the systematic and scientific study of motion, usually human. It requires intensive observation by both the human eye and by cameras to intelligently process kinetic and kinematic data. Gait analysis should effectively measure muscle activity, body mechanics and body movement. Importantly, it should also deliver findings and advice in a clear and understandable way, as we do at The Center.


How has gait analysis developed?

With the rapid pace of technological development, gait analysis as a field has enjoyed significant improvement. Gait analysis has come a long way since its origins concentrating on animals and the first scientific papers in the 1890s, looking at the bio-mechanics of human gait under loaded and unloaded conditions.

Today, thanks to major continuing developments in photography and cinematography technologies, there is unprecedented visual access and bio-mechanical intelligence in how our bodies move and how we record related data.


What happens during a visit to NYC gait analysis lab?

Most gait analysis labs have several cameras, including infrared cameras, placed around a treadmill and connected to computers. As a patient, you will have markers placed on various points of the body, enabling trajectories to be calculated and detailed evaluations given of each functioning joint. You will be given a series of physical tests for observations to be made and data to be collected.


But remember, every gait analysis is likely to be slightly different. There are many variables.

Gait Analysis NYC | Running Lab NYC where can i get a gait analysis?


RunningLab at Launchfit™ by Clinicube®

At our running lab and gait analysis in Manhattan, we have state-of-the-art technologies including the OptoJump Next. This is an innovative analysis and measurement system enabling the measurement of ‘flying’ and ground contact intervals.


Athlete performances can be evaluated and periodically monitored, building intricate databases to check progress or help develop rehabilitation plans. At The Center, our computer-assisted functional evaluation and training programs ensure accurate results.


Is gait analysis for you?

While it is commonly used to support athletes and runners, gait analysis can offer an effective insight for those undergoing rehabilitation after an accident or injury, or anyone with posture or movement issues.


Gait analysis is bigger than us

As a science, it’s worth remembering that gait analysis also has much wider and deeper applications for improving health and making findings. It can be used to inform a range of medical diagnostics: providing options for the treatment of conditions such as cerebral palsy; potentially helping a patient rediscover who they are, should they ever lose their memory; and offering us a greater understanding of movement outside our species).


If you’d like to discuss how gait analysis can improve your health today, contact us at Launchfit™ by Clinicube®for more information or sign up online right away by clicking here.


An Overview Of Back Pain And How It Affects Daily Activities

If you are suffering from chronic backache, you are not alone. In fact, more than 30 million Americans experience back pain at any given time. Here are some interesting facts about this condition and how it affects daily activities.

Low backache is the single leading cause of absence from work. This is the most common reason for people visiting their doctor. In fact, one in every three Americans admits to having backache every year. Experts estimate that as much as 70 percent of the population will at some point in their lives experience back problems.

Although most cases are acute, sometimes serious conditions such as arthritis, bone fracture, or cancer can be the underlying cause. The lumbar area is a complex bone structure. You can easily sprain or rupture discs, all of which can lead to severe discomfort. Even sports injuries or car accidents can lead to backache.

In addition, poor posture, obesity, and sitting down for too long can further complicate the lumbar area. In some patients, an internal disease such as kidney stones or blood clots can be the result of lumbar pain. With over 100 million people from around the world suffering from acute or chronic backache, it is the most common reason for medical visits.

According to statistics, you are more likely to face serious episodes of backache than headache. Serious is defined by being in so much discomfort that you had to seek medical attention. However, what most people aren’t aware of is that 90 percent of lower backache can be treated without surgery. By doing light exercises that focus around the abdomen and pelvis areas, you can help ease your discomfort.

A recent survey from the National Health Interview revealed that the most common reason for people to file compensation claims was due to backache. The analysis showed that workers lost up to 10 days of work due to backache. About 8 percent of the working age population reported that they were unable to work because of this medical condition. All together, one in every ten working age person in the US is unable to work because of backache problems.

Similarly, about one in every 18 persons of working age finds it difficult to walk due to this medical condition. Overall, one in six report limitation with daily activities, which include cooking, climbing stairs, bathing, or standing up from a chair. The main cause of their limitation is lumbar pain.

Work limitations were reported to be slightly more frequent among female workers than male. They stated that the discomfort is mostly present in the buttocks and spine area. Although the female workforce in the US represents less than male, they still miss a lot of days from work than men. The chronic form of spinal discomfort can be ongoing and companies lose money as a consequence. Perhaps the only way to get to the root of the problem is by finding out the reason for your discomfort before seeking the right treatment. This condition can have a severe impact on the quality of life and prevent people from doing routine activities.