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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome NYC

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome NYCCarpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that affects the hand, fingers, and wrist as a result of a compressed median nerve. Those with carpal tunnel syndrome may experience pain and weakness along with feelings of tingling, tickling, burning, and numbness. Many times, carpal tunnel is the result of repetitive movements, such as frequent computer use or playing the guitar.If the symptoms go untreated, along with the pain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, patients may experience a decrease in sensitivity to both hot and cold and a possible decay of muscles in the thumb. For most patients, surgery is not required if the condition is diagnosed and managed effectively.If you have carpal tunnel syndrome,cold laser therapy, a non-surgical and drug free treatment option, may be effective to help relieve the pain, reduce the inflammation, and decrease the time for tissues to heal. During your evaluation, we will determine if the cervical spine is affected—if so, your treatment plan will address the cervical spine as well.