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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in NYC
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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in NYC



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in NYC

If you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome you will want to do everything you can to help relieve the pain and restore the strength to your hand and wrist.  Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as you might think.  Many doctors today jump right to recommending pain killers and/or surgery to treat the problem.  While these types of treatments may be necessary in some cases, it is almost always better to start with more naturally, less invasive treatments.  This is especially important because of the fact that these treatments can be so effective.

Here at our offices we have a variety of different treatment options that we can recommend so we can find one that will work best for you.  Our offices are conveniently located to serve people throughout Midtown NYC, Midtown Manhattan and the surrounding NYC area.  We will work with you to find the most effective treatments for your specific condition.

Treatment Options

The following are some of the many treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome.  We’ll work with you to figure out which one will work the best and help you to get the results you’re looking for:

  • Physical Therapy – Physical therapy can often be enough to treat carpal tunnel syndrome on its own. Even when it is not, however, this type of treatment is almost always an important component.
  • Acupuncture – Acupuncture can often be used to help reduce the pain and swelling associated with this condition. In some cases this can help resolve the problem and in others it is just used to help reduce the pain.
  • Limit Movements – Sometimes simply limiting the motion of the wrist or fingers for a short time will allow your condition to improve on its own. We can find the right brace to allow you to get the best results while minimizing any inconvenience.

These are three common ways we treat carpal tunnel syndrome here in our office, but they are not the only three. To determine exactly how we will address your specific case we will need to talk with you and take a close look at your wrist(s).  When ready, we’ll discuss all your options with you and come up with the best course of action.

We almost always recommend using the more natural or holistic treatments first because they can be extremely effective without all the negative side effects of surgery or drugs.

Contact Us

If you would like to set up an appointment with our medical team and see how we can help you, please get in touch with us right away.  We can be reached by dialing 212-349-3444.  We’ll answer any questions you might have and set up the time to meet with our medical team that is convenient for you.  We are located in NYC, which makes us easy to find for those in or around Midtown Manhattan, Midtown NYC or just about anywhere in NYC.