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    Who Can Benefit from Redcord Suspension Training



Who Can Benefit from Redcord Suspension Training

Redcord suspension training is different from the other versions that are offered. It can greatly benefit those in need of a more targeted, muscle group specific training routine that is easily customizable once a particular sequence becomes too comfortable for the participant.

Developed in Norway in 1991, Redcord suspension training concentrates on building idyllic muscular alignment and efficient strength throughout your entire physique. This method delivers results by manipulating your body from the inside out. This starts at the neuromuscular level, where your training starts to modify the ineffectual movement behaviors as well as forming resilient, effective muscular configurations.

Redcord Suspension Training: Who can Benefit?

Most popular fitness routines are made to benefit those of a specific fitness level. Redcord is unlike other exercise equipment because it is ideal for those of all fitness levels. It can be easily modified to make the movements more or less challenging for the partaker.

Chronic Pain Sufferers

If you have experienced pain because of a muscular imbalance, then Redcord suspension equipment will be able to help ease your discomfort because of its ability to strengthen your abdominals and other supporting muscle groups.


If you are already in great shape but would like to add a more challenging training system to your daily workout, then Redcord can give you what you need. The versatility of Redcord Suspension Training will challenge your muscles, strengthening and toning your whole physique.

New Mothers

New moms are always looking for ways to tone up their “baby bodies.”  Redcord suspension equipment will give you a way to work the muscles that became lax or stretched out during your pregnancy. You will be able to reenergize your abdominal muscles, as well as any other muscle groups in your body that need that little extra push to get back into shape.