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    Back Pain Numbers And Statistics

    March 3, 2017

March 3, 2017

Back Pain Numbers And Statistics

Lower bodily distress is synonymous with anxiety, stress, and daily tension. In fact, back pain afflicts countless individuals and families across the country and world. Whether from obesity, sports injuries, or bulging and slipped discs, sufferers usually experience mild to excruciating discomfort. According to leading chiropractors and health experts, approximately 68 percent of the nation has some type of lower back, spinal, and other related problems.

Of the projected 68 percent, over half of the sufferers are women. This is due to females having more problems with bone density and lack of calcium then men. Women are most likely to hunch over due to aging as well, and this is why many old ladies have to use canes and walkers. This, however, is not to say that men do not experience this well.

A recent chiropractic study also released a number of statistics on back problems. This was a description which featured detailed charts and numbers. According to these findings and research, over 40% of young men and women are dealing with back issues as well. This includes scoliosis, along with swelling and disk problems due to weight issues.

An additional 73% of seniors experience chronic or recurring bodily pain on a daily basis. Again, these symptoms are mainly related to aging and lack of calcium in the body. Bone density figures also show that women far surpass men when it comes to brittle and susceptible bones. While men lucked out in the proper posture category, those dealing with obesity and work related injuries are also experiencing radiating and steady lower back discomfort.

On average, individuals undergoing treatments or surgery are usually away from the office for at least a month. However, mild cases are resulting in about 4 to 5 days off from work due to medical issues. For more extensive cases, sufferers have taken several months off or have completely stopped working as well. These numbers, however, are not exact due to the ever changing business and industry climates.

Back issues severely restrict mobility and flexibility in some patients. So much so that they have to depend on walkers, canes, and wheelchairs to get around. In cases where disc problems or swelling is present, many patients simply cannot get out of bed. These individuals are receiving home care in some way, shape or form. Sufferers that have exhausted all traditional remedies are usually candidates for back surgery and other corrective procedures.

According to studies, lower back distress also impacts employee performance in a negative way. No true is this then for sufferers that work as contractors, carpenters, shippers, and other physically challenging jobs. The cost to businesses on average can exceed thousands of dollars per month. However, these figures are never exact and simply based on which employees are considered more valuable to a businesses overall productivity and performance.

People suffering from back related problems are also unable to enjoy life to its fullest. In fact, many have to curtail social activities, along with losing valuable time with family and friends. Recent statistics show that over 71% of sufferers now rely on devices to help them get around. These numbers are pretty alarming, especially when it comes to young teenagers that have developed these problems due to extraneous activities and sports.