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Active Therapeutic Movement Therapy - Chiropractor NYC | Launchfit™
  • Background Image

    Active Therapeutic Movement Therapy

Active Therapeutic Movement Therapy  NYC



Active Therapeutic Movement Therapy or ATM2 has a technique to treat back, neck, shoulder, pelvis, hip & knee pains.

Once the joint is moving comfortably, your practitioner will add a weight-bearing resistance component, which creates long-lasting results and immediately helps to alter symptoms. To increase the effectiveness of ATM2®, we will provide you with pain-free exercises you can do at home.

The ATM2 is an Active Rehabilitation Treatment that places the patient in a PAIN-FREE functional weight bearing position. Special resistive exercises are then performed therebesetting central nervous (CNS) muscle activation patterns–allowing an immediate and significant reduction in pain and restoration of function.

​Over the course of several Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM) sessions, abnormal muscle firing patterns are significantly reduced, and proper activation and strength are restored. This treatment provides long lasting relief and correction of many musculoskeletal conditions.


How Long are the Sessions?



The sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes up to 10 minutes for more advanced conditioning programs.

Significant results can be achieved from just a few minutes of Active Therapeutic Movement due to the neurologic

benefits that take place. With the ATM2 you don’t work harder, you work smarter!  


Does this Therapy Take the Place of Other Treatments?



That depends on the situation and what treatments that particular patient needs. The ATM2 does not replace

other treatments like adjustments, cold laser, or acupuncture per se because each individual treatment has a

specific purpose in the overall treatment program. The purpose of the ATM2 is to correct posture and restore

correct motion patterns that have been lost. Only treatments that address the patient’s problem will be

recommended in the treatment plan.


What Results are Patients Getting with the ATM2?


In recent clinical studies, this painless, non-invasive treatment was shown to be highly effective in relieving

patients suffering from disc problems, neck and low back problems, shoulder problems, and knee problems.

The most amazing thing is even if nothing has worked previously for you, you could be pain free with

treatment on the ATM2. It is truly a medical breakthrough and saves patients from grueling painful exercise program.


You can experience a reduction in pain and increase in range of motion after the very first session of

Active Therapeutic Movement Therapy (ATM2) NYC . By impacting the central nervous system, ATM2®

teaches the joint a “new” pain-free way to move. This clinical tool is an upright table with three belts to

stabilize your movement.

Elbow pain can be chronic, just make an appointment.