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ABC™ Meningeal Release Practitioner NYC - Chiropractor NYC | Launchfit™
  • Background Image

    ABC™ Meningeal Release Practitioner NYC


A meningeal release is the term for the specialized soft tissue stretch which is performed by ABC™ practitioners as part of the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ treatment protocol. The meningeal release is designed to break up scar tissue and adhesion of the meninges – the protective connective tissue covering the brain and spinal cord – deep within the spine.  Just imagine a rubber band that lines the inside of your skull , runs down through your spine and anchors at your tailbone. This rubberband twists and tightens down through injuries and the bodys attempts to stabilize itself when faced with the bumps and bruises of daily living. Just like a wound up rubberband, this causes your body to feel tight and is actually a large part of why people “shrink as they age”.

These releases help to remove tension on the brain and spinal cord which can be a source of pain and dysfunction in neck, back, pelvis and elsewhere in the body. The relief felt after a correct meningeal release can be compared to the following scenario. Imagine laying on your back, being rather comfortable. Than a 10 lb sandbag is placed on your chest. Suddenly your breathing becomes labored, a lot shallower and takes way more effort. You may eventually get used to this. You might even start to accept this as your “normal”. Then one glorious day, Lucky you, the sandbag is gone, simple gone. You suddenly feel like you can breath, Really Breath. Thats what a correctly done meningeal release feels like. Its part of the process of bringing back your body to “Factory Settings”

There are three different positions in which a meningeal release may be performed. The first is designed to stretch the front, or anterior, portion of the meninges. The second is designed to stretch the back, or posterior, portion of the meninges. The third is designed to stretch the side, or lateral, portion of the meninges. 

When receiving an ABC™ treatment, your body will be tested to determine which meningeal releases, if any, your body requires at that moment in time. Treatment typically includes at least one meningeal release, but on any given visit you could receive the release in all three positions, or not at all, or anything in between. Your body will be constantly moving and changing during treatment, and as a result, some aspects of the treatment will vary from one visit to the next. The body is always being tested to determine what is required at the time, and treatments will be applied accordingly. What is so integral about this techniques effectiveness, is that there is no guessing. Your body “Tells” the practioner what needs to be done. 

Many people find  the meningeal release a bit awkward at first, but with a bit of practice and knowing what to expect, it becomes easier every visit. This is perfectly normal, as it is not a stretch that you could do yourself, that’s why it takes a professional ABC™ practitioner near you to perform a meningeal release. Just remember, the more you relax, the better the stretch, and the better the effects. 

Want to experience ABC™ Meningeal Release in NYCSchedule your initial visit below. 

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