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    4 Things You Must Know About Physical Therapy – Our Guide



4 Things You Must Know About Physical Therapy – Our Guide

Physical therapy is more than an act of self-care; to most people, it is a path to recovery. Some people undergo chiropractic therapy to correct medical conditions that limit their body’s ability to move and function. Whether you are currently undergoing physical therapy or intending to undergo a program soon, here are four things that you should know.

Physical therapy is tailor-made for you.

Physical therapy is more than the usual set of exercises that you can perform on your own. It is a program that consists of appropriate sets of exercises after a careful assessment of your body. The goal of the program is to address specific impairments through assisted exercise and physical therapy. 

Take note that not everyone can conduct physical therapy treatment. Only qualified physical therapists who are trained with the right techniques can perform the therapy. Getting therapy sessions from unqualified individuals may result in worsening your situation rather than resolving it.

Physical therapy requires a lifestyle change.

Physical therapy is not a band-aid solution to cure a medical condition. In the duration of the program, a patient is recommended to pair the therapy exercises with regular exercise. The patient will also be taught about neutral posturing, as well as how to have a healthy diet. Even after completing a comprehensive physical therapy program, one should continue to maintain muscle strength through regular exercise. Professionals recommend incorporating exercises, such as cardiovascular exercise, stretching, and strength exercises to one’s daily habits. 

Physical therapy is an alternative to aggressive treatments.

Physical therapy offers strategic treatments that can relieve pain and comprehensive programs to remedy an injury or deformity. It is a great way to address an illness or injury since it is a highly conservative approach to treatment. It does not involve invasive medical interventions or pain medications. 

In many cases, medical professionals refer patients to physical therapy before resorting to pain medication and surgery. This is a piece of excellent news for people who do not like to take the risk involved in the surgery. 

Physical therapy can teach you proper posture.

Some people need physical therapy sessions not because of a recent injury or a diagnosed condition but because of bad posture. If not corrected after a long period, bad posture can result in micro-trauma. It can happen in different parts of your body, but more commonly in the neck or back. 

Your physical therapist can identify the affected areas to know the bad postures that you need to avoid. The therapist can create a specific program to address your concern and teach new ways to correct your pattern. With enough practice, you can achieve proper posture, which will decrease the strain on your muscles over time.


Chiropractic physical therapy offers health benefits that can last a lifetime. It is not only a band-aid solution to create a temporary remedy, but it also addresses the root cause of your medical condition. With physical therapy, you can improve your lifestyle by pairing the therapy exercises with regular exercises and having a healthy diet. 

Keep in mind that only experts in physical therapy are qualified in customizing therapy exercises to address your condition. They can help in treating injuries, muscle tension, weakness, or stiffness problems, among many. Consider making physical therapy as a part of your lifestyle to decrease the risk of escalating body pain due to bad habits or aging.

If you are looking for physical therapy in NYC, get in touch with us today to see how we can help. We have experienced, specialist therapists that will help to treat your condition with the utmost care.


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