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    4 Benefits of Chiropractic Manipulation



4 Benefits of Chiropractic Manipulation

Although the practice has grown in popularity, many people still have no idea what chiropractic care actually is. If you translate the word ‘chiropractic’, it means ‘done by hand.’ This pretty much sums up what chiropractic care is. Doctors of chiropractic are different from traditional doctors because of the focus they place on the alignment of the body. Aside from being holistic, there is also no medication involved in this type of care. The chiropractor pays more attention to adjusting your physical form, especially in your spinal and extremity joints. Still confused? Here are four benefits of chiropractic manipulation:

Improves joint function

The bones in your body are all connected by joints. These connections are surrounded by tissue, creating movement with the help of synovial fluid. Although every joint is there to allow movement, each one has different functions and performs its designated motion in different ranges, types, and degrees. When these joints are unable to perform well, the individual’s movement will be restricted. This happens to many people on the regular due to the activities that they do each day. The activities that may affect motion include sitting at a table for hours on end, taking part in extreme recreational sports, failing to correct bad posture, or possessing many stressors. Motion restrictions can also occur if you get stressed out too often or are going through trauma.


Increases range of motion

When your joints are restricted and fail to perform as well as they are supposed to, it is the job of the chiropractor to increase your range of motion and allow you to move easily and comfortably. If you fail to address your restricted joints for too long, the structural function of your body will be affected in a negative way. This often refers to the restrictions in range of motion in the lumbar spine or lower back area. You might not think that this is a serious problem, but it can interfere with your daily life. For example, when you experience lower back pain, you may not be able to bend down like you usually do, complete house chores comfortably, or pick up heavy items off the ground. Aside from that, there will be effects on your nervous or communication system as well as your brain patterns. Some of the consequences are quite severe, so make sure that you schedule a visit to your chiropractor as soon as you see the signs of joint problems.


Enhances proprioception

Proprioception is how you see or understand the position of your body and movement. If you lack awareness of how your body works, your body will not be able to function well. For a properly functioning body, you need to completely understand the proprioceptive information that your body receives. The proprioceptive information to your brain decreases when there is a restriction in your spine or your joint range of motion. To help you enhance your proprioception, the chiropractor can adjust and trigger your receptors. When your joint motion is restored to its original state, your joints will be able to send information to your brain more effectively.


Decreases negative input


While healing and improving your body, a chiropractor is able to reduce the input of nociceptive receptors. These receptors hold negative stimuli and link it to the brain. This is when pain occurs. Since chiropractic care can increase your proprioception, it decreases the negative input as a result.

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